Friday, September 16, 2011

Pack lunch faster- FREEZE IT!

To make my mornings easier I make items for bentos to freeze. If I'm in a hurry I can just grab something from out of the freezer. I listed some posts below of other items that freeze well.
This is
Teriyaki chicken drumsticks
Chicken patties, I made some of these into meatballs-  ground chicken, shredded carrots, ginger, salt, pepper.

I browned them under the broiler. Cooled them. Flash froze them individually on a cookie sheet.  Once frozen I transferred them to a zip top bag.
For easy lunches I take them out that morning or the night before and let them thaw in the lunches.

I also made and flash froze these carrot muffins in a mini muffin tin. Some in little cupcake/bon bon liners and some in little portion cups.

I've also made 
Mini quiche
I also like to cook short pasta, toss it in butter or coconut oil, flash freeze it and then put it in a zip top bag. Perfect to add to soups or a bento plain.

Share your tips for faster lunch packing below!

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