Friday, April 18, 2014

Cuppow BNTO Gift Jars

I'm always late getting "holiday" posts up. Truth is, I blog as I go and I don't normally plan posts months ahead. If you are looking to be a great blogger, or even a successful blogger do not use my model of blogging :P 
Anyway, I think Cuppow rocks. I'm also a mason jar hoarder, I mean, fan. I think that using them as gift jars not only is eco friendly, but it's so fun! The gift recipient gets fun gifts AND the jar and Cuppow is a gift in itself! So Here's a fun little gift all "wrapped" up for you to see using a Cuppow lid and BNTO
From left to right-
Wonder Woman socks
Mason jar
Heart links
Hello Kitty Necklace
Lip balm
Nail polish
Cuppow lid and BNTO

How cute is that! It all closes up nice and tight. So very fun!

 A little about Cuppow, we've used them since 2012, you can see my review HERE. Since then the company has grown and the product line has expanded. However, what I love about Cuppow remains:
  • American Made
  • Environmentally Aware
  • Family Friendly- we use these lids for smoothies, coffee, water, to pour homemade dressings. They are great for sugar and other spices also. The BNTO are perfect for foods, salad in a jar, parfait, and more.
  • Free of BPA, phthalates, and BP
  • Charity- We are proud to commit 5% of profits toward supporting other like-minded organizations and domestic charities that focus on engaging people on environmental stewardship, recycling, and social awareness.

Above is a Thai beef salad layered in the jar. The BNTO cup has plain Greek yogurt with local honey. It closes up nice and tight!

Find Cuppow

This is not a sponsored post. I just love our Cuppow!
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clawz Shoes - Review and Coupon Code

After a long winter, it seems as if Spring is creeping in, although our friends just a little north of us got snow this week! So crazy. But with warm weather means sandals, water parks, splash pads, and more! I don't like my kids to go barefoot outside or at the splash pad. So when we had the opportunity to try Clawz Classics we jumped at it! My kids each have a unique style all their own, and these shoes screamed "middle child"! Sure enough Piglet picked out some blue Clawz, the sizing is easy, the chart was accurate for us.  The colors are bright and fun!

We took the shoes out for a test run, she wore socks because it was still cold out! It was raining though so there was some puddle jumping and tree climbing. The shoes were wonderful. She said that they were comfortable. Even with all the running, jumping, and tree climbing they didn't fall off once! The shoes have seen more action now that it's warmer. With no complaints from our tester at all! Piglet's notes about the shoes-
- Comfortable!
- Cool "footprint"
- Easy to put on

Mom's notes-
- Easy to clean
- Waterproof
- Slips on easy
We believe that with success comes the duty to give back.  A portion of the profit from every sale will help fund a donation of Clawz shoes to children struggling with health issues.  We hope that you’ll join us in helping kids fight illness by encouraging them to fight with the courage of a tiger or strength of a bear.

Here's some more information about Clawz from the website.
Clawz Shoes LLC was founded with the goal of creating new, fun, and innovative footwear designs to bring out the animal in both kids and adults.
The company's products are molded from comfortable, durable, odor-resistant material and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  Slip on a pair of Clawz, and you'll immediately be transformed from civilized to savage, from city to jungle, and from human to beast.
So join us and take a "Walk on the Wild Side"'ll definitely get noticed!

Clawz has sizes for 

There's also a way to customize your Clawz coming soon! So get ready for warmer weather with this coupon code!

** Please do NOT post this code on any coupon/code sites!  Thank you. (This is the same code I've been sharing on my social media) Coupon Code: peas30
Coupon code gives users 30% off  Clawz so $29.99 becomes $9 off or $20.99, and $24.99 gets $7.50 off or $17.50. Free shipping on orders over $45. Expires May 20.

The Classic Clawz ($29.99) comes in a wild range of colors -- lime, orange, black, blue, pink and white. Toddler styles are sold for $24.99
These Clawz have cushion and comfortable air vents to keep your feet cool. The strap can be worn towards the back to keep your foot secure, or fold them forward for ease!

Find Clawz
OR if you're lucky enough to visit some of these places, check out Clawz Facebook post!
"Congratulations Bronx and Central Park Zoos for being the first zoos to carry Clawz Shoes. After receiving their first shipment just last week we are delighted that sales are so strong that they need a second shipment of Clawz Shoes this week!!"

Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample/s of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
More giveaways on Give Peas A Chance found HERE.
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Girls can be SUPERHEROS too! CONTEST

Do you all remember my review and giveaway on Lottie Dolls? You can find that review HERE. I'd love you to take a peek at it because the dolls are awesome, and the message is clear- Lottie Dolls are FUN and REAL!
I'd like to tell you some news that Lottie Dolls has shared with me. Right now there's a contest going on. For what you ask?
Read all about it here straight from Lottie Dolls-
We’ve teamed up with US non-profit organisation ‘Brave Girls Want’ to launch an innovative global competition to get kids aged 10 and under to design a superhero outfit for the Lottie™  doll.

This competition is really exciting and innovative as it will be the first time that a crowdsourced doll outfit design by a child will go into commercial production.
With the release of a whole slew of superhero movies on the way, we know that there is an acknowledged lack of strong female superheroes out there, so this is why we thought a competition and campaign with the message that girls can be superheroes too! is very much needed.

 The Lottie Superhero Outfit Design Competition

The prize
-          One lucky child will see their superhero outfit design manufactured and made commercially available in Autumn 2014.
-          The winning child will see their original artwork design, first name, age, city and country on the back of the outfit packaging
-          The winning child will also win the entire range of Lottie dolls, accessories and outfits

How to enter
  1. Parents: Go to the Superhero Contest app on the Lottie Facebook page at ; like the page and download and print out the Superhero Outfit Design template.
  2. Kids: Start colouring and create a superhero outfit design for Lottie
  3. Parents: Take a photo of your child’s design and upload it on the Lottie Facebook app, and fill in a form to allow your child to enter.

Terms and Conditions
-          Competition open to kids aged 10, and under only
-          Parental permission required to enter the competition
-          Competition closing date 7th May 2014
-          A winner will be selected by jury and confidentially notified in May 2014
-          Multiple entries permitted
-          Full terms and conditions available at:

Spread the word: Girls can be superheroes too!
-          We are using the hashtag #girlsuperhero on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to spread the word.  A selection of entries is shown on Pinterest
*This post is in no way sponsored by Lottie Dolls or those running the contest. I just believe in this company's positive message to all kids! My girl will be entering this one once I tell them about it!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunches #103-137 (AKA The LONGEST lunch post EVER)

I'm not doing too great at this getting back into the blogging swing of things am I? But here are some lunches for ya. But I tell you, this is like the longest lunch post I think I've EVER posted LOL. Talk about behind huh?

Chocolate Chips

BBQ pork buns
Fruit Jelly

Red Peppers
Related posts-

Simple Cabbage Salad
Pork Carnitas
Red peppers
Chocolate Chips

Hot dog
Hot dog bun
Pancake Muffins

Macaroni soup

Chocolate Chips
(Pixie and I shared this box while we ran errands for the day)

Red Peppers
Lime Wedges
Roasted turkey 

Cream cheese, cucumber, carrot roll ups
Roasted Turkey slices
Bean Sprouts

Roasted Turkey 
Sunflower Seeds

on the left

on the right
Roasted Turkey 
Sunflower Seeds

Assemble your own sushi lunches
Sushi rice "ongiri"<--- a="" br="" isn="" it="" s="" stretch="" t="" that="">Tamago
Crab stick
Soy Sauce 

 My lunch below is the same thing basically

Babybel Cheese

Most lunches are packed in Planetboxes
and Yumboxes , found HERE.
CUPPOW info found HERE.
I want to invite you all to share your lunches on my Facebook wall, Instagram (see hashtags below), Twitter, and in comments below.
Share your latest lunches- if you have a photo to upload, an Instagram post, a blog post. 
HASHTAGS- for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest #peasblog #TakeitTuesday
Or come and share you favorite lunch box recipe.
Please make sure you link to all recipes and credit sources. I will delete any recipes that have been cut and pasted. Please leave links only.
Also I would love if you used my affiliate links for purchases on these sites. It doesn't cost you extra, doesn't change your price, but it does help me out.
Here are some of my links 

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Roll Your Own Sushi Bar

YUM. We're big fans of sushi, the kids and I. Sometimes it takes too long for me to roll so many rolls. Roll your own/assemble your own sushi to the rescue. Yes, we could just throw it in a bow and Chirashi it, but this is fun also!
All you need are ingredients you like, we had-
Short grain rice. I mixed it with rice wine vinegar, water, and palm sugar. Sometimes I add soy sauce.
Sushi grade fish (We had salmon, I made a spicy salmon with it. Roe, salmon, sriracha, mayo. I didn't have green onion)
Crab stick
Soy Wraps
Soy Sauce

Other ingredients, even non conventional ones as long as you like them!
Asparagus (pickled, fresh, blanched)
Pickled ginger
Sesame seeds
Brown rice
Sweet potatoes
Tempura pieces
Cooked fish
Steak (Cowboy roll anyone?)
Cream Cheese
Quail egg
Carrot and other vegetables

Below is a sashimi platter I had for lunch one day...

Another one below...

Chirashi Bowl
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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Poplets. Brought to you by Open Road Snacks, of Rocky Mountain Popcorn Co, which I wrote a review about HERE. Check it out and read all about this company. Yummy, Jalapeno Popcorn... yum. YUM. I vote by the way, if there is a vote, that the next flavor of Poplets be jalapeno. It would be wrong to pass up jalapeno. Moving on.
If you like crunchy snacks, but not jaw popping teeth breaking corn snacks, these babies were made for you. I like crunch, these are a great texture.
 What are Poplets? They are "softer", flavorful nuggets of gluten free, non GMO, nut free, corn goodness. I put softer in quotations because these ARE softer than other corn snacks, but that's not a good word for them. Softer implies... squishy, fluffy, and tender. These are anything but that. They are still very crunchy, just not so ... HARD.  When you are at the bottom of the bag of popcorn and the kernel is there? That's HARD. These are crunchy but not hard. Satisfyingly crunch. Make sense?
There's a new corn nut in town! 7x softer CRUNCH lets you REDISCOVER corn nut snacks. POPLETS are satisfying little NUGGETS of corn kernel goodness with far less fat and more fiber so you can crunch away fear-FREE. Poplets® the LITTLE crunch with BIG flavor.

Poplet's come in three flavors
Sea Salt and Butter 
Asiago Ranch
Chile Picante 

 These flavors are what you would expect them to taste like, which is what we all want right? Something that tastes like it says it does. Each are gluten free, nut free, and yes non GMO. I know I said that already. I usually find items that are not natural to have a odd after taste, Poplets are natural and oven baked, not fried. So they aren't greasy either, and there's no dyes. 
Diva is nut free so I try to keep snacks safe for her. Poplet's are a wonderful addition to our snack box! These would be great in an Easter basket also, and much better for your than jellybeans! 

Find Poplets

If you are in the US, have a US address, and are 18 years of age or older, enter below to win. Read the rules HERE, first.
Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample/s of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
More giveaways on Give Peas A Chance found HERE.

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