Sunday, August 24, 2008

My mama the machine...

The girls playing with Bao dough.

My mom is a machine in the kitchen, it's hard to keep up with her. She has no recipe book, no recipe cards, nothing written down. She doesn't own measuring cups or measuring spoons. She just rocks. We've been just hanging out and the girls are loving having her here and loving playing and cooking with her. And she's speaking Lao with them which is awesome, DH really wants that and I have a hard time sometimes remembering to do so, they are soaking it up.
I tried to follow her with the camera but, well she's fast. But we're eating good around here.

Some pork, egg and Chinese filled Bun Bao... I tried to get pictures like I said, but the dough was done so fast, then she filled them... moved her hands around a bit...
All I got were blur's of dough and filling going around and around in her hand...
Then, POOF, a dumpling/Bao ready to be steamed....

Pretty though...


Now the soup... the broth is kind of sour like a Tum Ka in Thai cooking... but it isn't the same. There is kiffir leaves, chicken, tomatoes, lime juice, and lemon grass stalks in it. Fragrant and delicious...
Don't you wish you were here to share this?

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  1. Heres a good site for Thai cooking
    It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along. Free too

  2. Your mom rocks! Can I borrow her? Please? LOL!

    The girls always look so happy in the kitchen!

  3. yes,natesgirl,sorry,I donn't know your real name.Our baking paper is absolutely suitable for steaming bao,I am so glad you can make bao,that's chinese food.
    As you said,you have chinese blood.That's very wonderful,I am happy to know you here.welcome to china,and hope i can go to America to visit you.

  4. Dear Natesgirl,sorry,i donn't know your real name.As you said,you have chinese blood,I am so glad about that,You must be a happy have two pretty girl.Welcome to china,also hope i can go to America for a visit.


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