Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quick Crock Pot Carnitas

I had a huge headache/migraine. Couldn't think straight hardly and all of the girls were home. I'm glad I had enough insight to throw this in the crock pot in the morning. By the time the evening rolled around I had enough meds in my blood stream my head was letting up a bit, all I had to make were salsa, (Mango Salsa would be good too), guacamole, and Simple Cabbage Salad. And wash the vegetables for the wraps. It took no time at all because these items had basically the same ingredients throughout, so I chopped all the cilantro at once, chopped the tomatoes together, sliced the jalapenos all at once, etc. Easy. By the way, it's embarrassing linking to posts from 2007, I mean I'm not a great photographer now, but I was horrible then!
I've posted Carnitas HERE, HERE, and HERE. This time I used a pork loin, which we prefer because it's leaner but you can use what you like. This isn't involved. I didn't put a lot into it. It's still so good and flavorful! I used a two pound pork loin, I always try to "cook ahead" so leftovers will be made into Green Chile Stew, put in more wraps, in Chimmichangas, over salad, or served with fried eggs. I don't add a lot of water to my crock pot, the meat gives off enough juices that are flavorful. When I pack the carnitas away for later  pack it with the juices so I can toss it all in a soup pot if I go that route. I also don't buy juice often. Maybe twice a year. So I use water, if you want to replace half of the water with orange juice that would be fine also. I also put my pork in the crock pot right out of the freezer. I know people don't like to do that, but one of my biggest issues with crock pots is that everything gets all mushy and gross. This helps a ton.

GPAC Quick Crock Pot Carnitas

2 pound pork loin
1 orange zested
Juice from one orange
2 teaspoons cumin
4 cloves of garlic or 2 teaspoons garlic powder
1 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
3/4 cup water or half orange juice half water. 

  1. Cut slits into the pork loin and push the garlic cloves into the meat.
  2. Put everything in the the crock pot. 
  3. Cook on low for 6-8 hours, or on high for 4 hours. 
  4. Shred the meat with forks. 
  5. Serve on Boston lettuce with shredded carrots, red bell peppers, cilantro, lime wedges, salsa, and/or guacamole. 

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