Tuesday, October 2, 2012

GPAC Simple Cabbage Salad

When my mom visited this summer we had this quite a bit, because it's good, and because DH kept asking for it. It's that good. He doesn't ask for anything with cabbage, he'll eat this Spicy Broccoli Slaw, but he won't request I make it. This, he said we should have more often. It's so simple. It doesn't have mayo, it's light, crunchy, and fragrant. No fancy ingredients. So use fresh cracked pepper, fresh cilantro, and real lime juice. There's not much in here so each ingredient shines. It's something my mom came up with. I added jalapenos. So easy.

GPAC Simple Cabbage Salad 

Thinly sliced purple cabbage
Cilantro leaves
Jalapenos- thinly sliced, optional
Lime juice
Toss the cabbage, cilantro,and jalapenos in a bowl. Add lime juice, salt, and pepper to taste.
Easy peasy.

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