Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Again no real recipe, pretty straight forward though. DH and I learned to make this while we were dating. It's our favorite salsa.
I use a food processor, I have a 3 year old, and a 15 month old, I have no time to dice everything by hand. But DH doesn't mind doing it by hand at times.

vine ripe tomatoes- seeded and cut into chunks
jalapeños to taste- I seed them and cut them in to quarters
garlic clove- peel and crushed
red onion (I used white this time)- diced
sea salt
garlic powder
fresh lime juice
fresh cilantro chopped

I work in batches with the processor. I generally put the jalapeños. onion and garlic in there first and give that whirl. I then put that mixture into a large bowl, then I pulse the tomatoes, small batches at a time until you have a nice chop, don't get it too small and runny, unless you like your salsa that way. I then season to taste with sea salt, garlic powder, and lime juice and then I add cilantro. I like to let it sit for a few hours before serving.
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