Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

Don't worry, you haven't missed it yet! I'm a bit early- ok late as far as bloggers go but come on. In my defense I wanted to post ideas last month. But as I am a procrastinator I didn't think about Valentines until 2/5... so here's your post. Maybe you can bookmark it for next year? Or Pin it to a Pinterest board (I would be honored if you did).
I also listed a few ideas for handmade gifts below, feel free to leave a comment with more ideas!
Now, on to these Valentine's day cards for the girls. I have had a stockpile of crayons leftover in a box since my Love Abounds days when I sold molded crayons. So I knew I would make crayons, for at least some of our little friends. Another thing about Valentine's day cards/treats is that pictures are SO easy to just print out. Fairly cheap also. I printed them out last year, you can see pictures below, and HERE. It was so easy. 
That and I love the pictures that  Felipe of Petruzzo Photography did for us this year and I wanted to use them. Their Facebook page is HERE.
Here are some contenders for Valentines in our home.
These Valentine cards do have names on them also. Just not these one's I'm posting.

Other ideas I found on Pinterest for wording
I love you SITH much
My Valentine, you will be
May the force be with you on Valentine's Day
Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy as Valentines
It is your destiny to be my Valentine

For Piglet, I'm making heart crayons. So I need to decide if I want to just print out pictures, or print out the cute little heart cards that I made on this site here. It's such a fun site, all you do is type in your text and it puts them in whatever layout you choose. I even did a one million dollar bill with Diva's picture in it, thinking I would use it for a Valentine that said "Your friendship is one in a million" but I decided against it.

Here is a picture the crayons and just script Valentine. So easy and cheap if you have broken crayons laying around! Just peel them, break them into a mold- I use silicone cupcake ones. Bake at 300 degrees until melted. Let cool, and pop them out! They are great for party favors also.

Diva's picture/card is really cute she's a Flamenco dancer. Our photographer put some cool swirls in the picture so it's all Chun-Li like. You know the girl from Street Fighter? No? Anyway I decided to take the pictures down. But they are beautiful.

Here are some more simple gift ideas

Lip balm, Lotion  guess I haven't blogged that, but here is a Whipped Coconut Oil Lotion,  and Sparkly Lavender Hand Scrub

What are you doing for Valentine's day for? Do you send flowers? Bake? Make items? Call someone special?
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