Thursday, November 1, 2012

FOE Hair Tie Tutorial

I got a lot of FOE (Fold Over Elastic) from Pick Your Plum in my Plumbox, you can see it and win one here. I don't sew much, my sewing machine is in storage anyway, so I decided to make these hair ties. They are soft and they don't pull on the hair. They aren't hard to make either, there are tutorials all over for them. Not that you need one, you just tie them, them seal the ends.
If you decided to buy these hair ties though they can cost anywhere from $3- $12 a pack. You can get FOE for as little as $0.50 a yard, I found some here. Or wait for some to shop up on Pick Your Plum.
I also made these gift tags on Paper Coterie, I made them generic on purpose. I also put a small picture of the girls on the back with a message. Perfect for putting on gifts for classmates. 

OK, tutorial time.

FOE Hair Tie/Elastic Tutorial

Fold Over Elastic
Sharp fabric scissors
Card stock- for display or gift giving
Cut the FOE into 9.5 inch strips. If you have thicker hair you may want to measure for a longer hair tie.
Make a knot on the end of the hair tie. I've done simple knots here, but you can tie little bows and such also.
Take the lighter and heat the cut ends of the elastic so it doesn't fray.
All done! Or put them around some pretty card stock with a note. In a pretty jar for gift giving would be nice also.
You don't need much.
 It's as easy as cut, tie, and seal.
See? Simple knot. Like my nails? There's a giveaway scheduled for Jamberry soon!
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