Monday, October 1, 2012

Sparkly Citrus Lavender Hand Scrub

During Diva's Birthday Brunch we made three things the girls could take home. This Citrus Lavender Hand Scrub was one of the items. It's so easy to make, and I let the girls help. You can make this with any essential oils you would like. I also had cosmetic glitter on hand for the girls to put in. We only used olive oil, the next time I make this I'll use part coconut oil. I think it's a little lighter than olive oil.
Sugar scrub can be so expensive, this would make a lovely present. Package it in a pretty jar, with a lovely note. I used plastic tubs for the kids, but for an adult a pretty glass jar would be nice.
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Isn't it pretty? I had 11 helpers!
Can you see the shimmer?

Citrus Lavender Hand Scrub

Granulated sugar
Olive oil- or other oils you like, almond, coconut, jojoba, etc.
Essential oils- we used lemon and lavendar
Food coloring- optional
Cosmetic grade glitter - I got ours at Ulta

Add the sugar to a large bowl, pour oil in until the sugar is just wet. Add the glitter, food coloring, and essential oil. Stir. Add more oil if needed.
I packaged these up for the girls and they each got to take some home with a baby spoon to scoop it up.
I included instructions, and a warning to be careful if they are using this in the tub!
To use- scoop a small amount into your hands. Scrub your hands, and rinse off.
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