Saturday, August 17, 2013

You Know What Time It Is??

No, not Hammer time...
It's Hatch Chile Season!
If you're a New Mexican or have been to New Mexico, you know all about Hatch Chile. It's a food group all it's own.
I so miss it. The crisp fall air, and the smell of fire roasted chile on the street corner. Sigh.
You can order it online and every once in awhile you can find it at specialty markets here in the DC area. Sometimes I have family send it to me.
In the south people ask "sweet or unsweet" when you order tea. In New Mexico, the question is

What to do with this amazing chile? What not to do? Here are some suggestions.
When roasted, peeled, chopped,  mixed with fresh minced garlic, and salt I put it on anything and everything.  Fried eggs, burgers, subs, steaks, omelets, warm tortillas, top tacos, top Indian Fry Bread Tacos. Put it in stews, on top of fajitas, quesadillas. Top a pizza. Chop it up into scrambled eggs, rice pilaf, make salsas, sauces.
How to roast these bad boys at home and make Chile Rellenos

Those of you at "home" eat a Frontier roll for me, after the Western Omelet smothered in Green Chile sauce, of course.

Have you had Hatch Chile before?

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