Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheater's Green Chili Enchiladas ...

As mentioned before, I no longer live in the Land Of Enchantment so fresh fire roasted green chili's are only found in my dreams. These enchilada's are made with a canned sauce, so pick whichever one you like. I did not bake these, after assembly I wrapped in foil and put it in the freezer for when we have our families over. I decided on a whim to do this in the morning, right before I took Diva to school. So I threw the chicken in the crock pot frozen and hoped for the best. I am unsure why I took pictures of the assembly process, I am not trying to insult any body's intelligence I just got a bit camera happy.

Cheater's Green Chili Enchiladas

9 frozen chicken breasts
chopped onion (I forgot to use onion this time)
bay leaf
can of enchilada sauce (I used a large can)
Place in crock pot and put on high for 5 hours.

Remove the chicken and onions, discard bay leaf.
Shred chicken with a fork. Pour some of the sauce over the top of it.

1 large can of enchilada sauce
1 block of Mexican cheese cut into strips
Shredded Mexican cheese blend (I used about 8 cups)
1 package of corn tortillas (I didn't use them all but they freeze well)

Start with a layer of sauce on the bottom of the pan. cover with a layer of tortillas.

Place chicken on the tortillas, dot with the Mexican cheese.

Pour some sauce on as the next layer.

Top with shredded cheese.
Repeat until ingredients are gone ending with a layer of shredded cheese. Cover with foil and freeze or bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until cheese is melted and it is warmed through.

Before I bake this at 350 degrees, I will let it thaw in the fridge overnight. I suspect it will need about an hour in the oven, due to it's size.
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