Saturday, August 1, 2009


During my time at the University of New Mexico, I am certain I did more eating and exploring the area around the campus than actual studying. The Frontier Resturant was an old favorite, it's open 24 glorious hours a day. There's nothing fancy about the food, the dishes remind me of a Furr's cafeteria or the kind of dishes they used at several of the nursing homes I have worked at. But who cares what the food comes on right? I always order the same things-
A Western omelet (three eggs, green Chile & cheddar cheese, served with tomato, hash browns & I get a flour tortilla), I smother the omelet in the green chilie sauce, coffee and a Frontier roll.
The Frontier roll is a cinnamon roll smothered in this buttery sauce that you know just isn't good for you. But who cares it's three in the morning and you need to get some grub on. This last time I went back for a visit the roll dissapointed me. It was still good but it wasn't as euphoric as I remembered them to be. Perhaps my tastes have changes, who knows. I will still eat Frontier rolls out of tradition of course, can't break that.
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