Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grilled Chile Rellenos 100 ways...

 Again this is a method. Tonight I stuffed Poblanos with onion and cheese. You can and should stuff these hundreds of ways. Some ideas for you
-Rice, cheese, beans, corn, onions
-Cheese and sauteed or grilled veggies such as asparagus, peppers, mushrooms etc
- Chorizo, onion and cheese
-Make them with cheese and onions as pictured, wrap a cooked piece of bacon around then wrap with the corn husk
- Shrimp and or scallops (cooked) and cheese 
- Spinach and cheese
-Pork carnitas and cheese
-Pulled pork, carne adovada, carne asada
- Use different cheeses- cheddar, pepper jack, a mix, mix some cream cheese in there for extra creaminess.
- Use roasted, peeled Poblanos, Anaheims or Hatch Green Chilies. You can also use soaked dried red chilies (soak them for just about 5 minutes in hot water, anymore than that and you'll have a mushy mess. Peel and stuff them, no need to roast them first)
You get the point.  The possibilities are endless.
 Whatever you want and like. Just make sure the meats are cooked first, you are just melting the cheese on the grill not cooking anything through. Likewise for vegetables if you want them a little crisp tender and not raw. I sauteed my onions first. Leftovers? Heat it up, unwrap, top with a fried egg and enchilada sauce. (and chicharrones, did I just drool?)
Look at this yummy melty goodness...

The method-  (these pictures are bigger than I usually post, but, there you go.)

Soak the corn husks. I did in cold water for a few hours.  Roast the peppers. You can do this under a broiler, on a grill or like I did all ghetto style on the gas burner. Just toss em up there and let them get black and blistered. Place them in a plastic bag and let the steam help by making it easier to peel them. You can put them in a bowl with a lid also. Peel them, cut a slit down one side and wash out the seeds and ribs.

Prepare the filling. Sauteed onion and cheese (I had a blend with queso quesadilla, manchego, jack and another cheese)

If you have these you might want to use them. Just saying. It helps when peeling and seeding hot peppers, not that all Poblanos are hot.

Stuff your peppers. The lay each pepper on two sheets of corn husks. I don't think you can tell too much but I put the pepper towards the bottom of one husk and then laid that on the top half of another husk. To make it longer.

 Find the longest piece of husk you have and tear it into strips. If you need to tie some pieces together to make longer strips you can do that also.

Bring the two sides of the top husk across the pepper.

Fold the top down.

Wrap the second husk around the pepper on the sides.

Tie securely around the middle then the bottom of the package.

Grill those babies to melt that cheese. Medium low heat. I did not turn mine over. no need to.
If you're not going to grill them right away put them in the fridge with a wet/damp paper towel on top. You don't want the husks to dry out, you'll have flames all over the place.

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