Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16- 4/22 Menu

I never post menu's. But tonight, I'm procrastinating. So, I'm posting. A little side note- I make more of a list for the week, and then make the meals on that list. I don't always make a list for 7 days. I try to leave room for leftovers. If I end up with 6-7 days, it usually rolls around to next week. Or I use a couple of those meals for weekend lunches.
Side dishes, I don't write down, I just have items on hand for a salad or something. Sometimes I write down what I have on hand, and deal later. Unless it's a specific meal.
 Lunches, I sometimes write them out. But normally they are leftovers.

1- French Dip
I'll throw the roast in the crock pot, make the soup later with the juices from the beef. Serve the beef up on these AMAZING buns, with provolone.

2- HH6 Cooking challenge meal. It will be a surprise, until I post. But I'm making it a grain free dish for us.

4. Turkey Pot pie, gluten free. We'll see how that goes over. :) Diva requested it, hope she likes it this way. She did rave about the grain free gravy I made the other day. So it won't look like this-

 6. Chorizo omelets, with veggies.

fruit- strawberries, bananas, apples
fried cabbage, maybe with chorizo
green beans
sweet potatoes
frozen corn on the cob

caprese salad, with avocado 
(B) chicken tenders, strawberries, steamed broccoli
(B) larb gai, veggies
(B) ham and cheese pastrys

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