Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2017 Lunches 58-71

We're on a lunch post roll! YAY!! Here they are for this week.  Hope you all are doing wonderfully!

Crepes, the green ones are Pandan- I'll put that recipe up soon (recipe here)
The crepes are filled with whipped cream and fruit, and cream cheese, fruit, and cinnamon sugar.
Tomatoes and carrots
My oldest had to run off with her lunch, but I did finish packing the other two after.
All done.
All in Yumbox containers.

Oyster crackers
Cranberry Bread (without the nuts)
Thermos containers, and random plastic containers.

Congee with Chinese sausage and Pork fu
Thermos containers, and the Jell-O containers are Planetbox.

Steamed dumplings (I didn't make these, they were from frozen)
In Yumbox boxes.

Quick Fried rice  (Pictured below)
Thin Mints 
Thermos containers.
That's it for this week! See you net week, happy lunch packing until then!

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