Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pumpkin Pie Shakes

Do you have leftover pumpkin pie? Shame on you. I didn't know that was possible, I mean it's two days after the big meal. I actually didn't cook a meal this year, we went to some friends. I took some mashed potatoes, rolls, creamed spinach, green bean casserole, French silk pie and DH made some pumpkin cheesecake (I love that man). So this shake you see here is not made from left over pie, I made the pie just to have. OK on to the point. Pumpkin pie lovers I know you're thinking, "why mess with perfection?" But just hear me out and try this one. It's divine.

I updated this post with gluten free/dairy free options. I also added measurements :).
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Pumpkin Pie Shakes

leftover pumpkin pie, crust and all
vanilla ice cream
fresh whipped cream

Oh sweet slice of heaven...

Place it all in the blender... except the nutmeg and whipped cream.

Add that splash of milk. Give it a whirl...

Pour it in a glass, top with whipped cream and nutmeg. Thank me later, just go make one.

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