Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Lunches/Bentos 13-27 Take It Tuesday

 Lunches, lunches, lunches.
Here we go, I first have some fun news for you! I mentioned last week that I wanted some easy boxes to pack for the girls, boxes that were airtight, very minimal pieces. Well, I'm pleased to announce that I'm a YUMBOX affiliate! I'm quite excited, they have leak proof boxes for when I want to pack yogurt and such. Just two pieces to wash, and easy to pack. Which is what I love about the Planetboxes. Don't get me wrong I love bento boxes, but I'm not creative with packing lunches and making everything fit nicely. So I like compartments. They are easy and fast.
Hopefully you'll be seeing a lunch or two packed in Yumboxes so I can give a good review, I need to order mine still. Until then, If you are in the market for a YUMBOX I would be so blessed if you would use my affiliate link to purchase, you can click here to get to there site.
The lunches above-
Chicken Curry Slider - There's a slider recipe here, I just changed the flavors a bit (patty, with lettuce to wrap it in)
Tortilla, pepperoni, cream cheese roll up
Fruit Snacks

Above is my lunch
Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts

Mama noodles (I did put these in a Thermos with hot water before school)
Reindeer Crackers
Fruit Snacks

My lunch
Roast Chicken
Lime wedge/salt/pepper (that's all I like on my salads)

I made the girls mini Cheese balls (There's a fun one posted here on Give Peas  A Chance)
Red Bell Peppers
Peppermint M&M's
My lunch
Wasabi Teriyaki Macadamia Nuts
Red Bell Peppers
I didn't have time to eat this lunch, so at dinner I pulled it out and we all ate out of it.
Leftovers (all three lunches were the same so I didn't get a picture of them all)
Fruit Snacks 

Most lunches on Give Peas A Chance are packed in Planetboxes
and Yumboxes, found HERE.
CUPPOW info found HERE.
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