Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Bento 12-16

I decided that Tuesdays would be "Take it Tuesdays". I will be posting any lunches in one post for the week. Most of you know that I use the term "Bento" loosely. These are just lunches, but I've been using the tag since 2007, so it's tradition.

Piglet's lunch in the PlanetBox
Toasted waffles
Maple sausages 
(The Nori pictured is her snack.)

*I found these great gluten free, no MSG, no added nitrates or preservative sausages. I was so excited, they even have ones without sugar. But they have rice in them. The no sugar ones have pork, cooked rice, water, salt, spices. Pretty cool. The company is Jones Dairy Farm.

Piglet's lunch (Diva was sick)
Sandwich- turkey and cheese
I used the same cookie cutters and food writers to stamp her bread that I used for these -
Star Wars Pastry Pockets

Piglet requested the same lunch. So...
Sandwich- turkey, cheese, cumber, sprouts, and mayo. (That's Boba Fett)
Strawberries and mango (Luke is all up in that mess)

Pixie's snack for story time.

Diva's feeling better!
Sandwich- cheese, turkey, cucumbers, mayo, sprouts
(I used this Bento cutter here.)
Strawberries and mango
Bell pepper slices
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