Friday, October 5, 2007

Raisins scare me *shudder*

* A little note about raisins… they scare me. I hate them. I will occasionally eat them in a cookie or something but I won’t eat them plain. I make awesome oatmeal raisin cookies but refuse to make them unless DH is home to take them out of the oven. They freak me out the way they pulsate in the oven when the butter re-hydrates them *shudders*, it’s just wrong, just about everything about raisins is wrong. How they are made, what they look like and feel like when they are plumped and re-hydrated… ugh I am going to have some serious nightmares. I don’t mind giving the girls boxes of raisins, I can just give them the boxes and not have to look at them.  YUCK. They're nothing but zombie grapes... just wrong.
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