Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Bento 109, 110, 111

I know, these lunches aren't fancy- not that mine ever were, but the girls have been eating so good!  They usually don't like sandwiches too much.

Turkey, cheese, sprouts on a sandiwch thin. 
Yoda on cheese- which I have discovered that my girls do not like American cheese. So I guess I won't be buying that again.
Veggies with dressing
Luuuukkkee... I am your father.
Say what?
Pixie, which I discovered liked raw broccoli and Italian dressing, had a sunbutter and jelly sandwich. Clementine and veggies.
May the force be with you...
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Star Wars cookie cutters used for the cheese and cupcake picks are from Williams Sanoma.
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