Saturday, September 12, 2015

Best Caprese Salad

It's almost over. Summer I mean. Summer foods. Summer days. Summer fun. Summer with no real schedule. I love Fall and all that it brings with it. The bounty, the weather, the gorgeous colors. But I will miss Summer and all it's blessings also. The precious time with my children. Carefree days, long
 I'll miss Summer foods. My basil plant will probably not last the winter. Sigh... Until then-
EAT. ALL. THE. SUMMER. TOMATOES. Fall officially begins on the 23rd, how did that happen so soon?
Enjoy those wonderful Summer fruits and veggies. Try one of our all time favorite salads. Find the recipe and variations through the link below. Simple, yes. Always good though.
Give Peas A Chance Best Caprese
Granted our tomato plant this year... 3 tomatoes. But before you scoff, that's the only tomatoes I've ever grown in all of my adult life. So still impressive. Maybe next year will be better. Do you prep your garden in the Fall for Spring? What do you do? Can you give me any tips and pointers? Leave me a comment and help a girl out!
Until next time, enjoy your sunny days!

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