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Back To School Lunch Supply GIVEAWAY, and a Lunch box comparison.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things around here and I thought I would do a lunch packing supply giveaway. I don't know how you found this little blog, if you're new here or have been reading since I packed my first lunch ever in 2007 (!), but thanks for being here. It's a been a blessing sharing lunches and recipes, and getting to know some of you all.
I have to say that taking breaks makes it harder to get back into posting regularly. How do you all do it? Do you just not take breaks? I tend to take a break around the holidays and for summer break. But this year we moved at the end of the school year, so it's been a longer break than anticipated. I'm just now scheduling posts. I have lunches from last school year that need to be blogged! Goodness LOL. I also still have an attic full of boxes that need unpacking and a basement that looks like a computer supply store threw up! Yikes! Send help!
I will be sharing some projects I've been doing around the house, but I'll feel pretty accomplished if I can just get everything put away, thrown out, or donated to Purple Heart! I can't believe how much STUFF we have! Any tips or organization and culling are appreciated.
I have this Back To School Lunch Supply Kit pictured up top as a thank you to you all for reading this little blog. It is open to US only, I apologize for that, I just want to make sure I can ship with tracking. It's not that I don't appreciate all of you!
In the kit-
A set of Lunch Punches
Assorted food cutters
Assorted lunch picks
Mini forks
Assorted Lunch cups

Are you all packing lunches this year regularly? For yourself? A spouse? Kids? What supplies are you using? I tend to stick with the same items lately. Planetbox, Yumbox, Lock N Lock containers, and Thermos. Simple. I still have a cabinet full of bento boxes and lunch boxes that I pull out also. Granted I sold or gave away a dozen boxes or so! I get asked quite a bit what my favorite boxes are. I like the main ones I use because they are easy to pack. Compartments are already there, and I'm not having to place food in them "just right" so that nothing shifts while my kids walk into class. But here's a quick pros and cons list. I do have a full review for Planetbox posted HERE.
Planetbox Rover see my full review in the link above



  • Stainless steel, no plastic. No rust, no stains, no scratching. They look just as good as they did when I first got them.
  • Main box has one piece, the lid is attached. I loove this feature, no lids to hunt for or to keep track of.
  • Dishwasher safe, dries fast and easily as opposed to plastic.
  • Plenty of space for a good sized meal even for an adult IMO.
  • Has optional pods to keep food even more separated and containers with lids for more "wet" foods to keep them from leaking.
  • They last and are well made, we've been using ours since 2011.
  • Defined compartments so food doesn't mix and touch.
  • I bought one and it had a pinhole in it, the company replaced it right away. I only found out because I was pouring jello in the compartment to let it set in there. Tiny hole, but they still sent a new one out.
  • Warranted for five years.
  • One of the sets comes with a glass insert that can be microwaved.
  • Weighs 19 ounces, this is less than most Harry Potter books, but that being said it's a heavier than our other boxes. Not overly heavy though.
  • Price. I fully realize that these are an investment but as stated before, you don't need to buy a new box every year.
  • The whole thing isn't leak proof or air tight without the lidded containers (which are included in the set). But this doesn't limit what I can pack, if I pack something like yogurt, I use a container, no biggie.
  • I don't know if this is a con but I only have two bags that fit these boxes, the one from Planetbox, and our old Laptop lunch bag.
  • Not thermal.
  • Not all models come with the microwavable glass insert.
See below for my Yumbox pros and cons list!

Yumbox (I only have the old style original 6 compartment box)-
  • Lighter than the planetbox.
  • BPA free.
  • Air tight, and can hold things like yogurt and applesauce with no leaking.
  • Defined compartments help with food shifting and is perfect for when your kids don't like food mixing and touching.
  • 6 compartments is perfect for variety and kids that eat a little bit of everything.
  • Less expensive than the planetbox.
  • Smaller compartments- this is a pro and a con. It holds portions and keeps them in place, but you can't put a sandwich in there easily.
  • Fits in several lunch bags.
  • It can be microwaved, but... it's plastic so I'll leave that up to you to decide if it's a pro or con.
  • Plastic. It scratches, and the latch has broken off- but the company sent out a replacement latch so that was awesome.
  • Smaller compartments- this is a pro and a con. It holds portions and keeps them in place, but you can't put a sandwich in there easily.
  • Takes longer to dry because it's plastic. The underside of the try has open areas that don't dry easily, I hear the newer yumboxes are easier to dry.
  • These boxes have two parts, the tray and the outer box. 
  • Top rack only dishwasher safe, and the outer shell should be hand dried, not heat dried - via the website.
  • Not thermal.
  • Trays are only compatible with like boxes. IE- the four compartment boxes is only compatible with the four compartment boxes, same for the six. Also if you have a box from the 2014 collection it is not compatible with the newer 2015 redesigned ones.

If you are in the US, have a US address, and are 18 years of age or older, enter below to win the Back To School Lunch Supply pack.

Read the rules HERE, first.
Disclaimer: This giveaway is not endorsed by any company or website. It is a personal giveaway from me. I will ship your items with a tracking number via USPS. Once I have shipped your order it is in the care of the USPS, I will wrap and ship your package carefully. 

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