Friday, October 5, 2007

Diva's first school lunch!!

Diva's first day of school was quite the ordeal. MIL (mother-in-law though I call her mom) was here visiting- ok helping me stay sane but perhaps more on that later. Diva is only three, but she goes to school three days a week from 0900-1300. I was so excited to pack her a lunch. So much so that I scoured ebay, bento sites, recipe sites, bento blogs, you name it. I went through a few containers trying out different sizes, placing other containers inside each one, mapping out where food would go as it were. Yes I know I have issues, I call it being "monk-ish" referring to my favorite TV show MONK.
Regardless of my OCD issues her lunch was a hit with her, she ate all but a few blueberries. Her first day of school was a success, no one cried- including me, and she made it there on time.
(in this bento- roasted chicken, jasmine rice, kiwi and blueberry, and a box of *shudder* raisins)
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