Monday, April 14, 2014

Roll Your Own Sushi Bar

YUM. We're big fans of sushi, the kids and I. Sometimes it takes too long for me to roll so many rolls. Roll your own/assemble your own sushi to the rescue. Yes, we could just throw it in a bow and Chirashi it, but this is fun also!
All you need are ingredients you like, we had-
Short grain rice. I mixed it with rice wine vinegar, water, and palm sugar. Sometimes I add soy sauce.
Sushi grade fish (We had salmon, I made a spicy salmon with it. Roe, salmon, sriracha, mayo. I didn't have green onion)
Crab stick
Soy Wraps
Soy Sauce

Other ingredients, even non conventional ones as long as you like them!
Asparagus (pickled, fresh, blanched)
Pickled ginger
Sesame seeds
Brown rice
Sweet potatoes
Tempura pieces
Cooked fish
Steak (Cowboy roll anyone?)
Cream Cheese
Quail egg
Carrot and other vegetables

Below is a sashimi platter I had for lunch one day...

Another one below...

Chirashi Bowl
Bento Lunch
Bento Lunch

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