Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bento 2010-26

Diva's lunch
sushi rolls (different combination's of shrimp, imitation crab, cucumber, avocado and/or cream cheese)
soy sauce
cantaloupe with an octopus pick
I put plastic wrap over the sushi side to keep it fresh, so I added stickers also.
  Before the plastic wrap I had this sad little guy pic on there, but it didn't match the lunch. It's sushi after all and we love sushi here at Give Peas A Chance!
Rolls with turmeric soy wraps, sesame seed soy wraps and spinach soy wraps.
At home the younger girls and I had the same rolls plus some spicy shrimp rolls. Pixie dominated the tray.
But Piglet and I got some also.
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