Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Spice or Chai Glazed Carrots

This is so insanely easy, it's not even a recipe. But the carrots are so very good! I promise you, EASY peasy. The kids love them. Sure they are glazed so they aren't that great for you but, once in a while you need glazed carrots.
You can do this with cubed butternut squash or cubed pumpkin also.
Carrots- peeled and cut into rounds or diagonal or some baby carrots
Optional-  piece of ginger fresh or crystallized
The next couple of ingredients is just dependent on how many carrots you are using.
2-4 teaspoons butter

  1. Put the carrots in a small pot and add water, just until covered. 
  2. Add ginger if using. 
  3. Cook on high until the carrots are tender. 
  4. Drain the water. 
  5. On medium heat add butter and syrup to the carrots. 
  6. Cook until the carrots are glazed.

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