Monday, March 21, 2011

HH6 Household 6 Cooking Club #1

I recently joined a cooking club. Household 6 Cooking club, it's group of military spouses that love to cook. I know what you all are thinking- wait, you're not military anymore. Well, we kind of are in a round about way :). Semantics. This cooking club/group has challenges once a month. Which sounds like fun! Here is the facebook page HERE. Once a month there will be a challenge or theme. After we've completed the challenge we blog. Seems simple right? I think this will be a challenge to me. I end up blogging whenever and whatever most of the time and I'm always backlogged. So wish me luck! 
The March challenge is to create a concept MRE. What's an MRE? A Meal Ready To Eat, read more about them HERE. The concept is just that, a concept. No need to figure out how to dehydrate or preserve, just what would you want to see in an MRE. I've never had an MRE. I've only collected the little bottles of Tabasco sauce that comes in them because DH would bring them home with him. 
What would I love to see in MRE form (besides a salad bar).

Roasted Tomato Soup
Comforting, creamy.

Roasted Leg of Lamb 
I love lamb.

Standard in all MREs
Cotton Candy Multivitamin- I'm not talking about a multivitamin that tastes like cotton candy, I'm talking about big fluffy stuff. I don't even like cotton candy but it would be a fun way to take a multivitamin right? Try not to think about all the junk and nature that would get all up into this mess, and just enjoy the thought of something soft, fluffy an delicate out in the field.

Black, White and Spice! 
An all purpose seasoning salt I created for Love Abounds before I retired the store.

 Hot Chai
I like my Masala spices intense in chai,and ginger comforts the tummy.
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