Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love Abounds- Sip Your Bliss Teas

Chocolate season is over at Love Abounds. I will be taking most of the summer off as I did last year. I will have some items stocked on Etsy still. Spices, Specialty Sugars, Finishing Salts and Sip Your Bliss Teas. At least until I run out for the season.
I love tea and there are certain flavors I  love so I thought I would set out to recreate some favorites.
Above is a Coconut Chai, coconut infused black tea, whole spices such as cardamom, all spice and lemongrass and toasted coconut. It's AMAZING with Coconut Cream Specialty Sugar and a little milk.

This picture is of my Chocolate Chai, which is an infused black tea with whole spices and the addition of cocoa nibs. I have a regular Spicy Chai blend, that is a black tea with traditional masala spices and other whole spices to give it a little spiciness. Perfect with Honey Specialty Sugar.
Blissful Blue is another blend I am offering. I love this, just opening up the bag is awesome it smells so good. Like a blueberry muffin. Black teas, almonds and blueberries. If you like sweetened tea try this one with Vanilla Bean Specialty Sugar.

 Sakura Blossom tea was a limited edition tea in honor of Cherry Blossom Festivals around the world. Almond blossom tea, cherries and almonds.
Coconut Cream Pie tea with Coconut Cream Specialty Sugar in a gift set that I stocked for Mother's Day. It's like drinking slice of coconut cream pie.
Wrapped and ready to go.
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