Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cloth Diapers Part 3 Prefold folds (jelly roll and my favorite fold)

My favorite prefold fold is the one pictured above. As far as I know,  there is no name for it. It's a jelly roll with bikini twist. The jelly roll sides holds everything in and the bikini twist makes it trim in the crotch. LOVE LOVE this fold.
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1- Roll the two long sides of the prefold in like you would a jelly roll.

2- I hold the prefold together, lift the baby/toddler up by the legs and slide the prefold under. With the back fanned out a bit. You can also fold down the back to adjust the rise or fold down the front later.
3-  For a regular Jelly roll fold bring up the front, fan out the front and fasten with a snappi or two pins. With both pins and snappis I put the front side tabs flush against baby's skin then put the back side tabs OVER them. Then I pin or snappi it that way.
4- Jelly roll fold with front folded down. Fastened with a snappi. It's too wide in the crotch for me.
 After step two I like to bikni twist the middle. This makes the diaper more trim and gives it more layers of absorbency. It also makes a little pocket in the back for.. solids.
See the little pocket?
Still trim. Ready for a cover.
I love the way the rolls on the sides help hold things in also.

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