Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cloth Diapers Part 2 Prefold folds (trifold)

Prefolds are the two right piles. Flats on the two left.
Prefolds. Well, lets talk prefolds. I love prefolds, soft, easy to care for and inexpensive. Flats and prefolds are my favorite at home diapers. These are the folds we used on the girls. Notice I said, "we used on the girls". There may be other folds out there but these worked/work for us. I also said girls. I have never clothed a boy bum so, there you go. I don't know anything other than point it down, in that area. Let's get started.

This first fold is just a trifold. Easiest ever, better for newborns. After the first few months we didn't use this fold. I preferred a modified jelly roll, which I will post later.  DH used this on the girls as newborns. Easy. No pins, snappis or anything, just a prefold and a cover. With this we/he used PUL covers that were easily rinsed or wiped down. Prefolds are also ideal for newborns because they need to be changed more often than older babies. because of that, there is more laundry and prefolds are the easiest to wash and dry.
 1- Fold the two sides of the prefold in. The sides will overlap. Now is a good time to put the cover under the prefold for ease.

2- Put the prefold under the baby, with the folded side up. Notice this preemie prefold is too long for this baby doll. Another reason prefolds are great is they are adjustable. You can adjust the rise. (see below)

3- If the prefold doesn't need a rise adjustment, you're done. Just put a cover on. I fan out the front a little bit for comfort. You can also fold down the front if you have a newborn  to keep the diaper away from the umbilical cord. If the rise is too high you can fold down the front of the prefold or...
1-Take the folded prefold and fold down the top to adjust the rise.
2- Fan out the back for comfort.
3- Place it under the baby, or put the baby on the prefold. Bring the diaper up between the legs. 
4- Since you already had the cover under the prefold just adjust and you're all done! Trim even on an 18 inch dolly.

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