Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cloth Diapers Part 4 Flats. Origami Fold with jelly roll sides.

Flats. SO trim. I love flats. Wash so clean and dry in a snap.Because they are so trim it takes no room to store a wholestash of them. You can use them like prefolds if they are folded into a square four times. I only use the origami fold. It's quick and easy. I just fold them in this fold and stack them up so I can just grab them prefolded and use them.
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I keep flats folded like this in stacks ready to go.

 1- Lay out the flat. I should have used a plain white one, this is hard to see.

2- Fold it over once.
3- Fold it over once more to make a square. (you can use this like a prefold).
4- Take the top corner of the flat and pull it over to the left.
5- You will make a triangle with the top layer.
6- Pick the whole thing up and flip it over so that the triangle is on the underside.
7- Fold the square part of the flat in to itself twice.
8- This is how it will look once it is folded in twice.
9- Rotate the flat 180 degrees. I know you can position and fold the flat so it just ends up like this, but this is how I do it and it takes me no time at all.
10- Roll the two "wings" jelly roll style. This isn't done traditionally with this particular fold but I think it helps with a snug fit and keeps everything in the diaper.

11- If you need to adjust the rise in the back before placing the baby on top. Do that first then jelly roll the sides.
12- Hold the diaper together like this, and slide it under the baby.
13- Pull up the middle between the baby's legs. Smooth out the flaps on the sides.
14- I only use one pin with flats. I never used snappis because the flats were so thin.
15- Very trim!
Didn't even "watermark" whatevs.
This is how I have stored my pins since Diva was a baby, I have only changed out this glycerin bar of soap ONCE. The soap helps the pins glide through diapers and keeps them in once place. I prefer Dritz metal pins. Do they still make the straight ones? I hoarded quite a bit when I heard they were stopping. I haven't had to buy any, so I don't know.
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