Sunday, November 9, 2008

I should be working...

I so should be working but I haven't updated here in so long! So here are some lunches for the girls and I will try to get a couple of recipes up too. Yeah, wishful thinking on my part. Might as well get started...

First up,
I wanna be a roti lunch with a fruit cup, and scrambled eggs, Diva's lunch is the blue two tiered and she also had slices of turkey.

Diva has the blue two tiered with all the makings of a chicken Cesar salad, star fruit and homemade foccacia with herbed garlic oil for dipping, Piglet has the same lunch without the salad part.

I don't know why I don't give the girls carrots more often, Diva loves raw carrots. On election day they all got to vote for carrots in their class, (Raw carrots or cooked carrots) Raw carrots won. Popcorn chicken, applesauce, carrots, ranch dressing and a roll...
Piglet was at home with me so I packed her a little something because she ate off of my plate too, I had a salad.
Laughing cow cheese how we love thee! Let's see, sliced turkey, laughing cow cheese, strawberries and molded eggs. I seem to recall Diva telling me after school that she had a lot of protein in her lunch this day LOL.

Ranch cream cheese and turkey wrap with goldfish and watermelon.

Ginger chicken stir fry with rice, watermelon and a fruit jelly.

Molded egg, laughing cow cheese, sliced turkey, goldfish, a roll and watermelon.

Bear shaped watermelon, popcorn chicken, rolls, BBQ sauce and a fruit leather/strip.
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