Friday, August 28, 2015

Big Hero Six Birthday Party Food

I can't believe there's a number nine candle on that top cupcake. What on earth? I just keeps going faster and faster and people keep getting older and growing. These kids. I'm so blessed that they are healthy, happy, and growing. But come on now. Where are all my babies: Sigh.

My Piglet didn't want a big party, just a few friends over to watch a movie. She decided on Big Hero Six. The girls and I had fun getting all the food ready. The kids were so helpful. They did most of the work. They cut the vegetables, decorated the cupcakes, did the decorating. The food was very simple. 
Hotdogs (I put them in the crock pot to keep warm)
Ranch dressing
Kettle Corn (I just added red food coloring to this recipe Kettle Corn.)
Big Hero Six snack mix

Hotdogs, vegetables, grapes. Easy peasy and the kids really liked it.
Big Hero Six movie snacks!
My oldest made the Baymax faces on the jars. Just oval circle labels. She used a sharpie. They turned out great!
Movie popcorn cupcakes, so easy! The marshmallows were made by the children.
Popcorn marshmallows.
These marshmallows also look like teeth, if you're ever needed to have a tooth fairy party.

Aren't they cute!? They look like little buckets of popcorn!
The Big Hero Six/ Baymax snack mix is so very very simple. The kids used food writer markers to draw Baymax heads on the marshmallows.

Big Hero Six, Baymax snack mix.

 Really simple, easy, and fun movie party! 

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