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Cave Tools Meat Shredding Claws- Review

Cave Tools Stainless Steel Meat Shredding Claws.
Hello everyone! As I'm writing this post it is 76 degrees outside. It's so beautiful! I think Spring should be the longest season of the year, it's always the shortest it seems. I hope that it's a beautiful day where ever you are reading this post from. I haven't done very many product reviews lately. I tend to be more picky about what I'll review anymore. For one my posts aren't paid for by anyone and they take so much time to write. Pictures to edit. It just takes a lot of time.
The thing is we really enjoy the products we've used from Cave Tools and I have been on the fence about getting a set of Meat Claws lately. Mostly so I can lift roasts out of the pressure cooker or out of pans to place on to cutting boards. So when they contacted me I couldn't resist. They have also offered a coupon code for any of you all who would like a set. I'll post that with links below.

Plenty of knuckle space for cooks with bigger hands! Long claws with enough space for a knife to slice meats.
 For shredding meats I have been using the two fork method for a very very long time. I have even used the mixer method where you put chicken (works best with chicken) in a bowl and turn on your stand mixer. Both of these methods work well. The forks give you more control over the size of chunks you want. But it takes longer as the forks are smaller. The mixer is quicker, but it tends to beat up the meat which is fine if you're making Enchiladas or Southwest Chicken Egg Rolls. The problem with the mixer is that I'm also washing the bowl and beater. For soups or pulled pork I tend to like the meat shredded in bigger pieces if that makes sense. Another method I have used is my hands. If you're wondering if this can burn your fingers the answer is YES. So I'd have to wait till the meat was cool which is fine for chicken sandwich but not convenient for other things.
I shredded this pork in no time at all. So easy. Uniform pieces, no small over beat pieces like you get from a mixer.
 These Cave Tools Meat Claws work like forks do, but they cover more area and the claws are further apart than the tines of a fork so I can get big chunks or smaller depending on how much I shred the meat. The claws take no time at all to shred roasts they really work well and do what they say they are going to do. The grips are nice and easy to hold. No slip on them, they are comfortable and fit in my hand well. They have plenty of space for people with bigger hands also. They just work better than the previous methods I've used. Which made me wonder, are they worth it to have a tool that does ONE thing? But I've come to find that I Meat Claws for more than shredding meat.
Easy to use, and dishwasher safe.
I mentioned that I wanted some of these to lift roasts and such out of pots, slow cookers, pressure cookers and roasting pans. They work very well for that! Tongs are great until the meat slips off of them back into a hot pot and hot broth splashes up at you.  That happens once or twice and it just sucks.
Find the recipe for this Spicy Slaw here.
These Meat Claws also work well when you want to hold a piece of meat down with one and slice it. The claws are high and wide enough to get a knife through. Those are the things I use them for. I suspect you COULD toss a salad and serve it with them also. Another huge plus is that these are dishwasher safe, YES!!

One thing. There's an explicit warning about NOT using these Meat Claws to pretend you're Wolverine. I promise you that upon arrival, should you use the coupon code below to order a pair, this will be very tempting. I mean I opened the box and before I even read the insert I was ready to put on a yellow and blue leotard and go all X-Men cosplay in my kitchen. I'm not saying you should do this, because these are sharp. They are stainless steel and shred through meat very quickly and efficiently. So refrain yourselves... or at least make sure everyone is out of the way and get a picture. Disclaimer, if you foolishly do this I am not responsible for what may happen, maybe you shouldn't do this actually. UGH the temptation is too much...
Legit Wolverine Cosplay.
In case you can't tell us apart, the picture below is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I know, it's hard to tell. Don't mess around like this okay. For your own safety.

All in all I would recommend these to a friend and buy them for a great gift.
Cave Tools has a lifetime satisfaction on these Meat Shredding Claws, that's pretty impressive!
Purchase Cave Tools items on their website. Use code MEATCLAW15 for 15% off.

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