Monday, February 6, 2017

Dinner En Papillote

Fish En Papillote and Rambutan
This is still one of my favorite ways to serve fish. I think because it's an "all in one" meal and we all love it. It's a great way to get the kid to eat vegetables. There's also very minimal clean up, which is a huge plus for me. You can find the method here in this post for Tilapia En Palillote. But you can use any fish you like, just remember that some fish, like salmon take less time and can overcook pretty quickly. You can even use chicken!

Packets being assembled.
If using chicken in these parchment packets, Use a boneless skinless chicken. The bone increases cooking time, which makes for mushy vegetables. The skin just steams in the packet which isn't appealing. Crispy chicken skin is one thing, steamed and floppy isn't my thing. Tofu is another protein that works great in these packets.
Tilapia En Papillote ready to be baked.
Another advantage to cooking en papillote is that you can season each individual packet differently. I have done this and written names in pencil on the outside of the paper. This is particularly helpful for spicy foods, or packets with mushrooms. One of my children will only eat raw mushrooms, not cooked ones. This cilantro ginger sauce adds great flavor, as does this creole seasoning.
My kids and I still love that they puff up in the oven!
What are your favorite combinations for cooking en papillote? I'd love to know, leave me a message or find me on facebook. The link is below.

Again here is the original link for this method here on Give Peas A Chance.
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