Saturday, October 22, 2016

Winter Squash Love

Hello everyone! Happy Happy Fall. This post came about when my kids were talking about how I don't decorate for Halloween. Which, I admit, I hardly do unless it's Christmas. Because Christmas. Is. My. Favorite. To decorate for that is. Halloween, it's just not my thing. I do put out a few fall items though. What about you do you decorate for all the holidays? Certain ones?

As I said, my kids have been mentioning lately how they want to decorate for Halloween. We don't decorate for Halloween, but honestly we don't decorate for Valentine's day or St. Patrick's day either. I think I decorated a tiny bit for Chinese New Year last year and that was it. It's not a prejudice against Halloween. I have fall stuff out though. Like that "thankful" sign... some acorns, pumpkins... umm... a bowl of apples... these glass jars.

Okay, well, you get the idea. That's about it. They don't want anything scary, which would be a no go anyway. I'm not sure what we'll do, but I did stock up on some winter squash so I scattered them *ahem* "artfully on the island. Because we seem to be a little bit more than obsessed with winter squash around here. We'll see what they say when they get home later. It looks more fall-ish I know. But honestly I DID decorate for Halloween once. Remember this:
Halloween Party.
See? I've done it before. Once. Granted that ended in the kitchen, with a tiny bit in the living room. But still. I will eventually take the bigger pumpkins outside and look...
Fall wreath and my pathetic front porch decorating.
There's even wreath on the door! And some off black spots on the upper left there from my camera. I really need to figure that out. Sometime next week those larger pumpkins will be carved up, and all we'll be left with is the seeds. I mean really. It's kind of sad. Maybe not for the squirrels and deer who will love snacking on them when they are on the porch.

On the other hand. All the other beautiful squash will be eaten up! The squash themselves, the seeds. Nom nom. I know I go on and on about summer produce, who doesn't love the strawberries (Strawberry Rhubarb pie?), black berries (hello, Cobbler!), blueberries (Blueberry Sweet rolls anyone?), and of course, tomatoes (because Caprese) are best in the summer! What's not to love. But fall and winter have their own bounty, and winter squash is a favorite. The kid's favorite squash right now is Delicata. The striped looking ones. So I'm going to steam them up, mash them, and freeze them flat for storage. The green Kabocha squash I'll be steaming with custard for a traditional Lao dessert. I'll be posting that soon. It's really easy.
For squash recipes you can check this link here. Some of the recipes are for summer squash, but winter squash recipes are in there also.
Here is a great chart from Earthbound Farm's site, of some popular varieties of winter squash. Which ones have you tried or seen in store? What's your favorite way to prepare winter squash? I'd love to try out more varieties and recipes, so leave a comment or hop on over to my Facebook page and leave some links!

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