Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Bento/Lunches #1-12 Take It Tuesday

Can you believe it? 2014! Where did the time go? I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's day. We were blessed and had some fun times. I still have some 2013 lunches somewhere but, I don't know where I filed them, oh well, new year, new start right?
One thing I haven't been doing much of this year is being active on my Facebook page, I realize that is not good. It may die out on me because of Facebook's analytics changes. I'll post from time to time. It's just not getting much traffic with all the changes there.
Did you or do you make resolutions? I don't really make them. Maybe I should though?
I'm also thinking about getting a couple more lunch boxes as I sit here waiting for these ones to come out of the dishwasher. I want to go to bed!! What do you think  I should get? I know I could just pull out some actual bento boxes, but I liked the ease of these Planetboxes. I don't make "cute" lunches anyway so, that's not a big deal to me. I thought about Yumboxes but I don't know?

Anyway, Happy New Year from Give Peas A Chance!

 Turkey salad
My brunch.

 All three of the girls got the same lunch as pictured above so, just a picture of one of them.
Sausage (leftover from our Seafood boil)
Cream cheese
 My brunch
Macadamia nuts

 Tea party leftovers
My lunch and snack for the day.
Most lunches are packed in Planetboxes
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Share your latest lunches- if you have a photo to upload, an Instagram post, a blog post. 
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