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Super Duper Publications- Gift Guide and Coupon Discount Code

Super Duper Publications. I can't rave enough about this wonderful company and their educational, well made, super fun products. I have done a full review on this company, that's been making fun learning materials since 1986. You can read that review and check out a few more awesome toy reviews HERE on Give Peas a Chance. Today I wanted to share with you some great holiday picks of our OWN that are not just for a child who's struggling with language skills, but they are great for building strong language skills in all children. All of these games are fun for the whole family. I hope reading through my personal picks will help you find the perfect gift for the children in your life! All these picks are perfect for heartschooling fun! Learning through play.

My first pick for this gift guide!  I choose this product for several reasons-
My 7 year old is working on learning and recognizing more root (or stem) words, prefixes, and suffixes at school. It's important to me to help her review at home in a fun way. 
This deck of five hundred cards has 2 words and a short definition for each of those words on it. That's a total of 1,000 words to be learned, read through, and studied! The beauty of breaking words down and learning different parts of them is that it helps children figure out the meaning of other words they have never seen or heard before. If you know that "demi" means half, then you can figure out what demigod and demitasse mean from that.Talk about word power for everyone! This may help adults with Words With Friends too. Not just for kids, I think this is a fun set for any logophile.
This deck is perfect to have out on the coffee table so that anyone can pull a few out at a time to read through.
This is Diva, looking though an anatomy book with some of the 500 Prefixes, Suffixes and Stems Super Fun Deck.

Story Prediction • Grades 1-8 • $32.95
From the site-
This Story Prediction Fun Deck with Super Duper Secret Decoder has 56 cards to improve your students' ability to predict what will happen next. Students listen to or read a story and choose the answer that makes the most sense for the story ending. Students can self-check answers with the Super Duper Secret Decoder. Just hold the decoder over the answer choices. The correct answer is highlighted in invisible ink!
This game pretty much had us at Secret Decoder. But really, the age range on this is awesome. I love anything that reinforces listening skills. I think as a whole people miss out on so much because we're all in such a hurry to move on to the next thing! I think families will have fun reading these stories, maybe acting them out, and predicting the best ending! Of course everyone will have to take turns using the Secret Decoder!

Photo Fish Classifying Magnetic Game • Grades Pre K+ • $43.95
YAY for little fishermen and women! What an adorable tackle box full of fun. I don't know about your children but all three of mine like to sort things. Halloween candy, craft supplies, stickers. This fun game for all ages, starting with Pre K is great for matching and sorting.  "The magnetic foam fish come with stickers showing photos of everyday items in the categories of Transportation, Clothing, Animals, Food, and Around the Home. Grab a fishing pole, choose a category, and reel in the fish that match it!" This game will elicit giggles from everyone!

Hopping Frogs® Language Game • Grades Pre K+ • $49.95
This game is great for "pre readers" and their big sisters who love helping them learn! Pixie is 5 and she is doing great with her letter sounds and simple spelling. This hands on frog pond game where children help their frogs jump from the pond (board) to their lily pads developing early language and articulation skills is a fun way to review and reinforce those pre reading skills. Parents, you'll love the size of this 18x18 inch sturdy board, over 400 vocabulary cards, and laminated lily pads. The colorful plastic frogs are a hit with everyone. "For articulation, the 420 game cards focus on earlier developing sounds (P, B, T, D, K, G, and F) in a fun and enjoyable way. Each sound has specific question cards for initial, medial and final positions in single words." 

60 Ticklin' Tongue Twister Pencils • All ages • $15.85
Looking for fun stocking stuffers, gifts for classmates, or something to have on hand as a fun reward? I've got you covered, I picked these pencils because my kids love being silly. Jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, they love them! Each of these 60(!) pencils has a tongue twister right on it! Perfect for tucking into a lunch for a surprise mid week, handing out at a class party. These pretty pencils pack a powerful punch! (Say that three times fast!)

Alone and other poems Children's Book • All Ages • $12.95
My last, but definitely not least gift guide recommendation to you is a book named Alone. This book is full of  poetry. Fun poetry, silly poetry, poetry that rolls right off your tongue  My oldest girls like to read this out loud  perfect for dictation! Since this is a book of poems, you can read one at a time or the whole book in one sitting. The poems And, no matter the age, we all love snuggling up and reading books together around here.This hardcover book has 52 pages, one of our personal favorites is Snowman. It's about a man who sits alone in the snow, as the snow falls something magical happens... This book is a great addition to any family library or as a gift to your child's class library.

Use code D5W7S7MH for 15%. Shipping is free on all orders of $20 or more for anywhere in the United States and Canada. Good until December 20, 2013.

While looking around the website, click on the "Win $50" button and enter the monthly drawing for a $50 gift certificate. Super Duper loves to hear from parents, educators and speech therapists. Your candid comments could be next month's winner.

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Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample/s of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
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