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Super Duper Publications $50 GC GIVEAWAY

I was recently selected to review some products from Super Duper Publications. I had never heard of this company before. I posted a little about it on Facebook and a friend on there said she used to use their games/products all the time when she was a speech therapist. After playing the games with my children I can see why. Each of the games we received were unique, engaging, colorful, and interesting for all three of my children whose ages range from 5 to 9 years. Those of you with multiple children of different ages know that it's hard to find a game where everyone involved is interested. Sometimes you have one child that is bored, or one child that is frustrated because they aren't up to the skill level of the game.  Before I give you our review on each of the games we got to play, here is some information about Super Duper Publications from the company-
Super Duper Publications has been employing Speech-Language Pathologists to make language-enhancing learning materials for kids since 1986, so you know you’re getting the best tools out there when it comes to self-service learning for kids. No matter the skill that needs improving, you can browse their extensive website and online store,, and discover hundreds of enticing products created by language professionals. Each game or activity lists right on the website what skills it improves, so you’re sure to get the item that works on the specific skill you would be hoping to target with your child.

The first game I am going to tell you about is actually exactly what it says in the name. It is an Adventure Kit. There is so much to do and so many ways to use this kit. It can be overwhelming when you first open it up. There is a two sided magnetic barrier that looks much like a table easel, at 12x16 inches on each side it's a great size. It is made so that different colorful scenes can slide into both sides. The kit comes with two of each scene, which has pictures of space, a campsite, the ocean, and more. There are also 100 thick, nice magnet pieces, not flimsy.There's also a CD-ROM, 35 page reproducible activity book. Lots to do in this fun kit with a partner and even on your own! For this reason, I opened this game first. So we've used it the longest. I started out playing with my oldest child, 9 and my youngest. You would think that the age difference would be a challenge, but with this and the other games we received it was nice. My oldest was able to do the easier activities with my youngest, but she could also do more challenging activities with my middle child. All three are able to do individual age appropriate activities and worksheets on their own. That's a wonderful thing to be able to set one child up and let them work on story telling, categorizing items that belong on certain scenes that come with the game on their own. One of the games the girls have gone back to is probably the easiest. Two players place the same scene on the barrier, each player takes turn picking up a magnet and describing where they are placing the magnet. This is perfect for us because Pixie, my youngest is working really REALLY :) hard on putting on her listening ears and waiting for instruction. This activity not only helps each child learn to listen and take direction, it helps with placement words- right, left, on top, below, etc.
I hate calling this a game, it really is a teaching tool that is fun for kids. It would be great for any family that wants to make learning/reinforcing the skills below interesting and fun. It's also perfect for homeschooling and classrooms. The barrier can be used for so many other things, not only is the surface magnetic it's also a wipe board.
There is a "show me how" video for this game located HERE on the Super Duper site, it is worth watching. It's a great review and has tips on using this great kit.
This game helps with these skills
  • Following directions
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Giving directions
  • Vocabulary 
  • Auditory memory
  • Storytelling
  • Basic concepts
  • Categorization 
  • Rhyming
  • Listening

MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit with Barrier • $89.94
• Grades Prek-5
This one of a kind, magnetic masterpiece targets a ton of language and listening skills. Best of all, the barrier game format is perfect for following directions, giving directions, storytelling, improving vocabulary, and a whole lot more! Your students will have a blast going camping, swimming through the ocean, and traveling to outer space while learning to listen and use language effectively. The game targets a host of skills including following directions, storytelling, basic concepts and rhyming.

The next game is the Auditory Memory for Short Stories Fun deck. Out of all three of the games we played, this one has been picked up the most. Because it's so easy to pick up and play. The game comes with 51 illustrated cards in a tin. No other pieces are needed, this game is perfect for travel, at restaurants, doctors offices, waiting in line at the bank, and the girls can play it in the car also. The object of the game is to help children with memory, some of the cards have short silly stories on them. Then three questions are listed below each story. Usually one of my older girls will read the card, then the questions. All three of the girls can answer the questions. Pixie really enjoys this game, it has helped her use her "listening ears" and identify important events in the stories.  The cards also come with open ended topics. My older girls will come up with elaborate stories using these prompts, Pixie is able to make up simple stories. Either way the girls can all play along. This is my favorite game because it is portable. It doesn't have pieces that you have to move around or keep track of. It entertains through teaching, which is what Super Duper Publications is all about.
Auditory Memory for Short Stories Fun deck • $12.95 •
Grades K-2
Listen to short, silly stories like "Aunt Pat's Hat," "Hannah's Bananas," or "Ollie the Octopus"—and then answer questions about each story. The picture and story title are on one side, while the flip side has the story, along with questions for children to answer. These 51 imagination-filled illustrated cards provide a novel approach to improving students' auditory memory skills. As a special bonus, the deck has game ideas and five open-ended "Wh" topic picture cards to help children make up their own stories and questions. Includes a sturdy storage tin.

Up next is Grammar Gumballs. This game teaches nine grammatical forms such as
Present Progressive Verbs
Irregular Past Tense Verbs
Subjective Pronouns
Copula Verbs (Is/Are)
Regular Plurals
Possessive Nouns
Regular Past Tense Verbs
Irregular Plurals
Possessive Pronouns

This is definitely a game for my younger two girls, Diva is in 4th grade. While she likes helping her sisters out with this game, it's not challenging for her. Which is fine it's for grades PreK to third. The object of the game is to learn grammatical forms. Take for instance Regular Plurals. There are illustrated cards which will have a picture of two vases, one with several flowers and one with a single stem. I would read out of the guide to Pixie, "One vase has one flower. One vase as flowers." Then I would have Pixie repeat that back to me, pointing to the correct vase. I was thinking she may not do well with this game but she picked up up very quickly and soon started having fun playing with us. The game is sturdy, the pieces seem well made. The "gumballs" are flat disks instead of rounded which helps them stay put, and they don't roll under the couch or off a desk. The actual gumball machine game board is colorful and sturdy.

Grammar Gumballs® Board Game • $49.95 • Grades PreK-3
Here's the sweetest way for teaching basic grammar skills. It targets nine of the early morphemes and grammatical structures identified by Roger Brown (1973). Children with language and learning difficulties often leave these structures out of their speech. Grammar Gumballs includes five levels of difficulty for each illustration. You begin with a simple listening/imitation task and gradually progress to spontaneous production. Grammar Gumballs includes 180 illustrated cards (20 for each area) to teach nine grammatical forms including present progressive verbs, irregular past tense verbs, possessive nouns and regular plurals. As students answer questions, they spin the spinner and take that number of gumballs from the machine. At the end of the game, the student with the most gumball tokens is the winner!

At Super Duper always enjoy free shipping to addresses in U.S. and Canada for purchases over $20. While looking around the website, click on the "Win $50" button and enter the monthly drawing for a $50 gift certificate. Super Duper loves to hear from parents, educators and speech therapists. Your candid comments could be next month's winner.
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Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample/s of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
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