Monday, October 7, 2013

Khao Neow (Lao Sticky Rice)

NOM NOM. It's hardly a Lao meal unless there's Khao Neow, I guess unless there's noodles, which is usually rice noodles. Sticky rice is a staple of Lao cuisine. Perfect for dipping in Jeaw, like this Roasted Tomato one. Rice and sauce, lots of vegetables, and meat/protein used primarily as a flavoring, not a big serving. This rice is also used to make Mango Sticky Rice, and what my mom calls Lao pizza. I'll have to post that soon. 
If you don't have a Lao rice steamer, I've also used my dutch oven or a sauce pan. Add water to it. Put a metal splatter screen on top, put the soaked rice on the screen. Cover the rice with a large bowl to steam. It works really well.
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