Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Bucket List Progress

(Blessed is the one) whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on HIS law day and night. That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither - whatever they do prospers Psalm 1:2-3 
This is not going to be my last Summer Bucket List 2013 post. Nope. I'm going to probably post my last check the list off next week. Because we're going camping, and while the girls had  their first day of school today, it's still "summer". 
To see pictures of us and our Summer Bucket List Fun, check Instagram HERE. Are you on instagram? Follow @Peasknees and tag #sbl2013 #peasblog and #summerbucketlist so I can see all the fun you're having!
What about you, do you have a bucket list this summer? What should I add to ours?
Here are more Summer Bucket List posts.

Water Balloon Fight- DONE, I ambushed the girls one day after I sent them outside with a picnic lunch and toys.
Play board games/Legos/Dolls etc together- DONE GAMES, Legos, dolls...  , more games, more games :) 
Fire Works - DONE! We got to watch these in DC
S'mores- DONE! More than once Smalls ...
Swimming- DONE! We've gone swimming a couple of times. Splash park twice. Too fun.
Dancing in the rainYUP, DONE!
Painting- DONE! 
Ride our bikesDONE! Well, we haven't done this one all together, but separately we have. OK, except me. Can't cross this off yet.  Crossing this off, Diva asked to ride her bike without anyone asking her. WOOT!
Aquarium- DONE! Love the National Aquarium!
Sushi- DONE! Um. Yes of course. A couple times already. 
Yes, of course... again. :)  YUM. Probably more than necessary. Oh yeah....
Heartschooling- DONE and doing! Museums, library, aquarium, reading, weather lab, experiments, cooking, and more museums.   Took the girls to Manassas Battlefield Park, it was so fun. We met some friends. Must most importantly the girls truly enjoyed learning about the battles that took place in Manassas and about the people who were there.
READ- DONE, trying EVERYDAY!  There was lot's to be read, lots of reading done~
Finish Math- Working on it! We didn't finished, but considering we took the summer to do a year's worth. I think it was good.
Memorize Verse- Working on it!  Got some done, for some of the girls anyway.
American GirlDONE, and maybe again for tea next week DONE again, for dinner.And again for a look around.Yes.
Splash Pad- DONE, have the sunburn to prove it. It was so SO fun we're going back soon. DONE again!
Botanical Gardens- DONE, took the girls and got the next three items crossed off our list. It's amazing what you can get the to do if you promise an afternoon of uninterrupted reading time. Okay, except Pixie, she wasn't having it. Not in the mood, didn't care. Why? Because she can't read yet. Sigh.
Pixie Pictures- DONE
Piglet Pictures- DONE
Diva Pictures- DONE
Attend a summer concert- DONE (NKOTB for me), and the girls put on a concert for me with a dog guitar and recorder. Also with some music app on a tablet.
Blow BubblesDONE!
Make PopsiclesDone!
Make ice cream
Get ice cream outDONE
Strawberry Pie - I did just pull another Blueberry Cobbler out of the oven. No? Doesn't count?
Go to the creekDONE, the girls swam in that craziness too.
Donate to Purple Heart- DONE! And will do again before school starts.
Dance like David DancedDONE! And will keep doing!  Did some more serious dancing in the mirror room at Ripley's Believe it or Not. Had a Toby Mac dance party in the living room (7/24), that's how we roll. Too many dance parties to count :) We're dancing fools.
Pizza Box S'mores 
Hopscotch- DONE! Sure did. In the sprinklers.
Pick Your Own FarmDONE! I'll be posting a cobbler recipe and pictures soon.RECIPE is UP!
Afternoon Tea
Road Trip - Does driving to the Manassas Battlefield count? It does now.
Break Ground- Oh man, this debacle.  Still haven't broken ground, but permits are being finalized.
Nap in a fort DONE!
Water Gun FightDONE, and hopscotch in the water.
Picnic At the Park- DONE! This is kind of silly because we do this a lot, I pack lunches at least 2-3 times a week and we head out.
Ice Cream in a bag
Write or dictate a story, draw pictures- DONE, well Piglet just sat down today and wrote a story. They have been drawing though.
Drive Through Difference DONE!! I always love doing this.
Leave flowers on someone's doorstep
Donate books to the Clinic- DONE
Wash the car- DONE, DH and the girls... and a power washer 
Birthday parties!ONE down, TWO to go!
Train Ride- DONE, and will again since all three girl's have opted to have parties at this park.
Carousel- DONE, and will again since all three girl's have opted to have parties at this park.
Playdates- DONE, more this week.
Get a Family Photo
Art- DONE, painted, crafted, cut paper, colored, shaped dough into beads and jewelry... painted again.
Donate Toys- DONE, a couple of times already, YAY. Got some Operation Christmas Child shopping done!
Find bugs, but let them goDONE, even with Pixie squealing.
Ball GameHaven't gone to watch a ballgame but ball games have been played.
LibraryEvery week or so, so far!
Play marbles- Done!
Bleach or Sharpie some shirts
Lincoln Memorial
SmithsonianDONE!  DONE again!
Library of Congress
White House- DONE (just me though)
Get a twisted shaped balloon madeDONE
Ripley's Believe It Or NotDONE, so FUN! The Mirror Maze, dancing in the mirror room.
Harbor- DONE, walked around, had lunch, good times.
Make a pie crust- DONE! Success, with home rendered lard and butter.
Ikea- DONE, Pixie got into a ball pit brawl and got a shiner. Both her and another little girl were put on time out, because there's no throwing balls in the ball pit, good news is that they are play fighting, not fighting. This was on the girl's bucket list which is funny, but we went to Ikea!
Shawarma- Tried it, like it, thanks Avengers!
Bubble Wrap hopscotch -CHECK
Packing Bubble Relay- CHECK
Get a "Happy Meal"- DONE
Sleep in a tent out back- The girls and their dad, four night's in a row so far, and it's a school night. EEK
Camping- I didn't even have it on the list, but we're going.
Mini Golf- DONE
Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Truck- DONE
Cardboard box fun- Ships, boats, houses, a hot mess in my house but still.
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  1. I don't have a bucket list but I do have some things I want to get finished.... and soon.


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