Saturday, June 22, 2013

You're KILLIN' me SMALLS! Give Peas A Chance- S'mores.

Okay, everyone knows how to make S'mores right? It's not rocket science. But one of the things I missed about having a gas stove was making these right on the burner. Same thing for heating tortillas, I love them just thrown on the open burner to warm. So now we have a gas stove again, YAY!. We don't have these often. Pixie doesn't even like them. I like them with just enough black on my marshmallows. I also like them with Sunbutter- pictured below. NOM NOM. I can't only eat one though, they are so rich and sugary that's all it takes for me. AND I don't like good marshmallows, I feel it's such a waste to throw a good marshmallow in a S'more. Then again I don't really like marshmallows, I'm crazy.
What about you? How do you like your S'mores?
Dark chocolate?
Milk chocolate?
Reeses Peanut butter Cups? (Or almond or Sunbutter cups?)
Just heated no scorch marks on your marshmallows?
Blackened marshmallows?
On an open flame?
Made under the broiler in an oven?
Regular, chocolate, cinnamon, honey, or homemade graham crackers?

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