Saturday, June 22, 2013

You're KILLIN' me SMALLS! Give Peas A Chance- S'mores.

Okay, everyone knows how to make S'mores right? It's not rocket science. But one of the things I missed about having a gas stove was making these right on the burner. Same thing for heating tortillas, I love them just thrown on the open burner to warm. So now we have a gas stove again, YAY!. We don't have these often. Pixie doesn't even like them. I like them with just enough black on my marshmallows. I also like them with Sunbutter- pictured below. NOM NOM. I can't only eat one though, they are so rich and sugary that's all it takes for me. AND I don't like good marshmallows, I feel it's such a waste to throw a good marshmallow in a S'more. Then again I don't really like marshmallows, I'm crazy.
What about you? How do you like your S'mores?
Dark chocolate?
Milk chocolate?
Reeses Peanut butter Cups? (Or almond or Sunbutter cups?)
Just heated no scorch marks on your marshmallows?
Blackened marshmallows?
On an open flame?
Made under the broiler in an oven?
Regular, chocolate, cinnamon, honey, or homemade graham crackers?

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  1. We've been having s'mores quite a bit lately actually. I make the marshmallows so we have lots of flavor options. I think my favorite is the traditional s'more, milk chocolate, honey graham, and a vanilla (in our case a vanilla bean) s'more. My husband is a big fan of honey marshmallow, cinnamon graham, and white chocolate, although he loves banana marshmallow, honey graham, and Reese's too. I made a tabletop s'more set up with a ceramic pot bottom, so me clean river rocks, and sterno, it's made making s'mores in this house way too easy, but it's super fun to break out whenever we have company for dinner and a s'mores bar is a fun interactive way to serve dessert!

    1. This sounds so fun!!
      It's great for just a little something with not too much prep

  2. Hi! You are a foodie like me gal! I am definitely going to be making those here for my husband (once the ice cream cake is gone tonight!) #SITSSHAREFEST visitor and here is my entry:

    I am definitely adding you on FB, Twitter, Pinterest! Carolyn

  3. I know it is winter there in the down under, but since it is summer here in Florida and quite hot, I thought I would share with you this recipe link I found for summer s'mores ... with ice cream!

  4. I like them any way possible. And I have been craving them for a week or so now, and even more right this second!! AHHHH!

  5. We love making s'mores when we go camping. The boys love to help get the fire ready and find their sticks for roasting marshmallows. I love my marshmallows black and crispy. No other way will do for me! We use Hershey's milk chocolate, but I want to try Reeses Peanut Butter cups next time. That sounds so good! Growing up we had a gas stove and we would make s'mores at home. Now we have an electric stove, so we have to use the microwave and it is just not the same. The boys can't wait to go camping this summer to make s'mores!


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