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Kindness Kingdom - #giveaway

Sometimes I dread playing boardgames with my children. There, I said it, Ms. Give Peas A Chance doesn't like boardgames with her kids. They are close in age, but the gap between my first born and my youngest is still a fairly good gap when you consider games that are engaging for everyone, challenging, fun, and still "easy" enough for the youngest in the group. So inevitably someone gets bored, or frustrated. My pulse rate is elevating thinking about it. So when I decided to do a review on this Kindness Kingdom game, I didn't decide lightly. When the game came in all of the kids were excited to see the packaging. Open it up and explore. We played the game right away. I'll tell you more about that after I explain what Kindness Kingdom is. As mentioned before Kindness Kingdom is a game, here is a great description from their website-
This marvelous manners game encourages empathy, develops social skills and nurtures a kindness of spirit that will help each player lead a more enjoyable and thoughtful life.
Players are taught the importance of every day manners and the rules of etiquette as they travel through the eight neighborhoods in Kindness Kingdom. With every correct answer, they collect a charm for the bracelet they will take to the tea party. The last charm to collect is the key to the Golden Gate of the Golden Rule.

Players also learn tea party etiquette and how to handle life’s little faux pas. And because many of the characters are named after the most beautiful flowers in the garden, players receive a fun introduction to flowers too.

Princesses, fairies, flowers, tea parties, etiquette & marvelous manners – what’s not to love?

What's so great about this game to us-
1. I love the graphics and characters on this game/board. They are whimsical, fun. Not everyone is wearing pink. There are both boys and girls, there's a princess in a wheelchair, different eye color, hair color, etc. While it is modern with computers/cell phones. The people aren't in heavy makeup and short shorts. It's nice.
2. While the questions are perfect for the readers playing, the board and pieces itself doesn't require a person to read to play. What I mean is, Pixie can play. Move the pieces to her spot after she chooses a card. Her older sisters can read questions and answers for her. She can feel independent, and her sisters can bless her by reading the question for her.

3. While there is a winner, at the end it's nice to encourage other players to get to the Tea Party at the end.
4. The charm bracelet cards are a nice size and the charms aren't so small that they are easy to lose.
5. The questions were engaging, clearly written. I know the girls learn something new in a new scenario each time they play. They will also often help each other talk through answers. I also like that we can all stop and talk about certain manners or rules talked about in the cards.
6. Kindness and manners matter, but so does safety. This is a big thing for me. I want my children to be kind, to be polite. But I also want them to have the courage to be SAFE to be mindful, to follow their gut feeling on things. That's why this card, and those like it are awesome-
The answer on the back-
7. My older kids have asked to play this during quiet time when Pixie is in bed. Pixie enjoys the game. Diva, who is 9 has mentioned several times this week that she "really likes the Kindness game" just out of the blue.
8. There have been a couple times the girls will say "remember the card on the game says this?" During dinner once, one of my girls looked over at her sister and nicely mentioned no elbows at the table. They all giggled. I can't tell you how many times I have to remind the girls no elbows on the table! But they remember from the game and since that's "fun" it's not such a big deal.
9. This isn't just about "please" and "thank you" this game touches on empathy for others, on actual kindness. Not just the actions that we're "expected" to know. I think this is important. Children, people in general are more likely to remember or do something if they know the reason behind it. It's not kind to send invitations to school for a party if not everyone is invited. Because feelings could be hurt, etc.
10. Manners, kindness, and social graces are learned. They don't come naturally. They need to be taught. This is a fun way to reinforce what you're teaching!
More from  Kindness Kingdom about the game and company-
Queen Grace  ruler of Kindness Kingdom™, a make-believe board game full of charm, niceties and good manners, random acts of kindness can become the norm as young ladies travel to an afternoon tea party as thoughtful social skills are bestowed.  Kindness Kingdom is the brainchild of Jessica Marventano (who owns Marvelously Well-Mannered and is responsible for Kindness Kingdom) is certified by the International School of Protocol to teach manners and universal rules of etiquette to young children and teens. Jessica teamed up with two other businesswomen to form Marvelously Well-Mannered, the parent company of the Kindness Kingdom board game that’s all about teaching children social and emotional skills to help them earn better grades and be better citizens.
Kindness Kingdom is the first board game from parent company Marvelously Well-Mannered; aimed at teaching young girls useful tips as they wander through the gemmed game path on the way to Queen Grace’s tea party. Proudly made in the USA, the board game is ideal for 2 to 4 players, for ages 5 and up. Not only do children develop social and emotional skills but thoughtfulness toward others. Once a winner is determined, players are requested to cheer on the remaining players until all youngsters reach the finish line, arriving at Queen Grace's marvelous tea party. Subtle illustrations such as a princess seated in a wheelchair reinforce empathy, a much-needed skill for kids to combat teasing or worse, bullying. The company’s website offers general etiquette tips for children (it’s under construction right now but will be up soon and will be a great resource for manners questions and answers, soon!)
Find Kindness Kingdom
Kindness Kingdom
Marvelously Well Mannered
Facebook - great to follow for tips, ideas, and gentle manners reminders!

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