Monday, April 8, 2013

Manic Monday- Freezing Smoothies

Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies. So easy peasy. Perfect for a quick snack or with a meal. Toddlers enjoy them also!
Our standard smoothie is very simple- 

You can add nuts, milks, honey, yogurt, flax seed, oils, and more. We like plain yogurt and honey too.
But that's our standard.

Freezer Tip: Freezing fruits and vegetables before you can use them is a great way to have items ready for smoothies and a great way to save money because you aren't throwing food away!

Below is a list of things I've kept in the freezer for our smoothies-

Things that can be kept in the freezer for smoothies-
  1. Fruit- cubed for bigger fruits, or whole berries. Just flash freeze then transfer to a container when frozen so they don't stick together.
  2. Pureed fruits can be put in an ice cube tray first.
  3. Pureed pumpkin- pour into an ice cube tray first.
  4. Have lots of FRESH uncooked organic spinach leftover? Puree it with a tiny bit of water to get the blender going. Pour into an ice cube tray for later use. (Could work for kale also.)
  5. Almond milk, coconut milk, yogurt, most milk can be frozen in an ice cube tray.
  6. If I make a big batch of smoothies and we have leftovers I put them in an ice cube tray also.
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