Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smoothies and kids in the kitchen

As Diva gets older I'm letting her do more in the kitchen. She's still not allowed to use the stove or knives without me in the kitchen. But she's cooking more, slicing and stirring more. I love having the kids in the kitchen. Not as much as I used to when we had a bigger kitchen. Our kitchen now is so tiny, it's hard to have more than one adult in there at a time. But I want to include my children as much as possible. I want those memories for them.
In these pictures, she's slicing bananas to flash freeze for smoothies, baking and ice cream. Once frozen on the baking sheet, I put them in ziptop bags/containers in the freezer. Same for berries and other fruit.

I've mentioned it before but my motto is, "If you can rip a sheet of paper, you can help make the salad for dinner." My girls could rip paper since they were little so I would set a small bowl on their highchair trays and give them lettuce to tear.

This is our standard smoothie.
Frozen- fruit or fresh, unsweetened homemade yogurt, spinach and honey. A splash of milk to get it going. A tiny bit of coconut oil, nom nom.
Sometimes we don't use anything but fruit, spinach, ice, and water. 

Things that can be kept in the freezer for smoothies-
Fruit- cubed for bigger fruits, or whole berries. Just flash freeze then transfer to a container when frozen so they don't stick together.
Pureed fruits can be put in an ice cube tray first.
Pureed pumpkin- pour into an ice cube tray first.
Have lots of FRESH uncooked organic spinach leftover? Puree it with a tiny bit of water to get the blender going. Pour into an ice cube tray for later use. (Could work for kale also.)
Almond milk, coconut milk, yogurt, most milk can be frozen in an ice cube tray.
If I make a big batch of smoothies and we have leftovers I put them in an ice cube tray also.
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Do you have memories of being in the kitchen when you were younger?
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