Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mom's Soaked Almond Snack

My mom has eaten almonds this way for a long time. The girl will just sit there, peeling and eating along side her when she visits. There's really no recipe or anything like that. Just one ingredient, well, two if you count water. The almonds plump up and get a little bit softer. The taste is like almond milk. It's a great snack.
We have kept these in the fridge after soaking for about 5 days. But really these are so easy to make, you can soak just enough to eat for the next day. If you have a mason jar for sprouting, that will come in handy for soaking and draining. But it's not essential to have.
Have you ever tried these? Really good!
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Mom's Soaked Almond Snack

Raw almonds

Cover raw almonds with cool water. Place them in the refrigerator over night. In the morning rinse them and drain well. Keep them refrigerated.
To eat, just peel the skin off of the almonds!

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