Thursday, March 7, 2013

Whole30 Thursday Week One

Well, I'm going to do Whole30 this month. Honestly I picked a bad day to start (the first). I came down with whatever the girls were passing around. Hello! I would like Nyquil. AND that very night was International Night at the girl's school. Performances from different countries, including FOOD for those countries. Sigh. Italy, France, Kosovo, Iran, Japan, England, Ireland, Pakistan, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey...  yeah... sigh.
Why Whole30? I feel I need to cleanse and reboot my system if you will. See if I can get my body to stop feeling so bad. Then I'll gradually add things back in, like an elimination diet. But way less intense.
What is Whole30? You can read about it here. We try to eat as little processed foods around here anyway but we're not really as great as I'd like to be. This will help. The kids won't be on a strict Whole30 plan, they have cereal, bagels, crackers, etc. But meals prepared by me will be Whole30 approved. Which is all meals in this house :). I haven't decided what to do about Bentos/lunches yet, but we'll see. We won't be doing all organic foods, all grass fed meats, but we will follow this chart/list HERE. I'm not going into this thinking I'll lose weight. That's okay with me, sure I'd like to lose some but that's not my end goal here at all.
On Whole30 Thursdays I'll post a recap of our week (as much as I can anyway).
I still have other recipes that are scheduled here on Give Peas A Chance that are not going to be Whole30 at all. :)
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March 1-
I just grabbed a soft boiled egg, so unprepared, I thought Monday was the first. Nice right? Even after looking at my Monthly Menu all week. So I quick boiled some eggs.

2 eggs, red bell pepper, raw almonds. Pixie ate some of my eggs. 

Dinner- (I'd like to get these recipes blogged but I'm not sure when to post them all)
Chili Lime rubbed turkey breast that I roasted in the oven (so YUM)
Mashed acorn and butternut squash
Mango slices
Butternut squash and acorn squash seeds roasted with a spritz of oil, cayenne pepper, and kosher salt.

After International night I came home, had more mango. I also made myself some scrambled eggs with 1 teaspoon of ghee, and a sliced jalapeno.

March 2
Woke up later so I snacked on soaked (raw) almonds. So yummy. The girls were so excited, they love snacking on these when my mom is in town.

Salads with leftover roasted turkey breast, avocado, red bell peppers, mushrooms, cucumber...

Curry Noodle Bowls  A Give Peas A Chance favorite here!
Mango Slices

a soft boiled egg
Acorn and butternut squash seeds - I just finished them off there was about a tablespoon, so sad.

I was feverish and had a sore throat last night. I was OK all day. I also don't feel as hungry as I did yesterday. 
*Edited to add, last night I was ready to make some coconut butter bark with fruit, nuts, and organic cocoa nibs because I wanted chocolate so bad. I went to bed instead.

March 3
I realize that I'm eating more fruit and nuts than most Whole30 people would be eating, I think. But I'm OK with that.  The far right picture is a picture of SPICY, Thai ground chilies. YUM.

I couldn't eat too much of this but I just grazed on it most of the morning.
Mashed acorn and butternut squash
Roasted turkey
Apple slices

DH took the girls out because I wasn't feeling well.
I had a huge bowl of Curry "noodle" soup

I prepped a lot for the week. I made curry meatballs, cabbage rolls, chopped veggies for lunches, boiled eggs for snacks/lunches. So I had a cabbage roll, two meatballs, and 1/2 of Pixie's egg.

Apple slices

March 4
I took Nyquil last night, I didn't have any Sudafed.UGH. Pixie got sick in the afternoon, but thank GOD she has no fever or anything. She's her bubbly self and wanted to go out for dinner and ate well. Praying she doesn't get sick.

Carrot sticks
2 Cabbage rolls

Smoothie with spinach, almonds, strawberries, banana, and ice.

Soft boiled egg
Scrambled eggs with bell peppers and jalapenos

We went to Chili's.
Steak- rare, no seasonings (I put salt and pepper on it)
Steamed broccoli- no seasonings ( I put lemon juice, salt, and pepper on it)
Salad- no dressing, lemon juice, salt, pepper

I may eat an apple or something.

March 5
Oh my goodness can someone get me some crackers? Bread? Cheese? That's how I feel.
1/2 soft boiled egg (Pixie ate the rest)
Carrot sticks
Bell Peppers

Red Curry glazed salmon (SO GOOD and simple)
Red Curry spinach
Mushrooms sauteed in ghee
Ambrosia apple slices- Pixie ate most of them :(

Cashews, dry roasted

Cabbage rolls
Roasted mushrooms Diva made- garlic, ghee, olive oil, salt
Cucumber, tomato, avocado salad with a squeeze of lime, and salt and pepper
Apple slices
I love making someecards

March 6
The girls had a snow day today! So we just hung out, went shopping. We didn't really get much snow, just slush. I slept in, so I had brunch, snacks, then dinner. I had entirely too much broccoli and cauliflower today, I think I may be sick of them until next week.
Curry Meatballs
Mashed Cauliflower with 1/2 sweet potato I had leftover, so I pureed it with the head of cauliflower I had for us. I also added a couple cubes of ghee I processed with fresh basil, garlic, and fleur de sel. I made them for the freezer about a week ago.
Steamed broccoli
Mandarin orange- these are so tiny, they would fit into a toddlers hand comfortably.
Cashews- dry roasted
Salad with salt, pepper, and lemon juice.
Steamed broccoli with salt, pepper, and lemon juice

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