Monday, November 28, 2011

More upcycled baby clothing

I've been making clothing out of old baby clothes for the girls dolls. Here is a dress I made out of bloomers that all three of our girls have worn LINK. Tonight, I took three onesies and a romper and in less than 45 minutes I re-purposed them. I made three sleepers and a dress for my girls. Okay, I made them for their Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins. I saw this method on Pinterest, but here is the original post.  It's so easy, okay maybe not as easy as the winging it dress from bloomers but still.
Four outfits
+ less than 45 minutes
+no money spent
Here's what I did-
Put the onesie/romper on the doll inside out.
Take pins and pin all around the loose fabric - this will help you know where to sew to take in the arms, legs, chest and sides of the clothing. Don't worry about length.
Slip the clothing over the dolls head - with the pins still on. I choose clothing with snaps and buttons in the neck area so it was easy peasy for me to remove it.
Sew where you've pinned. Remove the pins, and trim away excess fabric.
Turn the new sleeper or dress right side out. Put it on the doll and adjust any length on sleeves, legs and skirt hems. I did not have any sleeve or pant legs to hem, the onesies made for a perfect long sleeved sleeper. The romper I just cut off the bottom where the snaps were and stretched it, so I didn't need to hem it.  (Like the bottom of this T-shirt HERE)

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