Friday, June 17, 2011

DIY T-shirt to halter top

Donnie Wahlberg and me, in Baltimore.

This tutorial is going to be for a shirt that already fits you the way you like around the torso. This shirt was a small, it fit great around my torso but it was tight in the underarm area. I will do a tutorial later on how to make a loose fitted shirt more form fitting around your torso. This is an easy no sew project. It's perfect for black t shirts that are sometimes too hot to wear in the summer!
Your finished product will look like this
Ok first things first, grab your FABRIC scissors. The sharp ones you don't let anyone else in the house touch because they are for fabric only. Now...

1. Lay your shirt flat and remove the sleeves. I used the seam as a guide, and cut right on the inside of it discarding it along with the sleeves. You won't be needing the sleeves again.

2. Remove the collar, again cutting at the seam, removing it along with the collar. You don't be needing the collar again.

 3. With the shirt BACK side up cut a straight line from arm pit to arm pit. *I wanted to keep the "hanging tough" design intact so I made sure to leave it all, luckily it wasn't too off from the armpit line across the back.

Once you cut across the back you can lift that flap up and it will look like this

 4. Cut straight down the middle of that flap. *I flipped it over, this is the FRONT of my shirt.

Quick note don't worry about how your cutting is too much. I mean it has to be fairly smooth but once you pull and stretch the material will "roll".

5.  Fold the shirt in half with the back side in. Straighten out the collar, cutting off as LITTLE as possible. Or you'll have to wear a shirt under your halter. You can always trim more later or cut a v shape later. But you can add shirt back to what you've cut off.

6. Cut the straps of the halter to make them even. Again, thick is better, you can thin them out later. Stretch each one out by pulling each strap. You can see how they "roll" once stretched out. Stretch out any other cut areas like the collar and back.

ALL DONE! Sort of.  Try it on and if you want the collar wider, v neck, lower fix it now. Re-stretch. Now you're done.

The back.

Still want more?  Let's jazz up the straps.
*if your shirt is long enough to cut off the hem that is*

1. At the seam cut off the hem at the bottom of the shirt. To make this easier and straight do this in one layer, don't try to cut both the front and back piece together.

2. Cut the hem into two equal pieces removing the part that is stitched together. 

3. Cut each strip into three equal strips. To do this cut the thread/sewn part off as one strip, then open up the hem and cut down the middle. 

4. Take the six strips and pull them to stretch them.

This is what they look like stretched out.

5. At the shoulder of your halter top cut away the seam, discard the tie piece.
*put the halter on to measure how much material you need to cut off so that when it ties you can see the braids and they won't be hidden behind your neck- you'll see what I mean in the next few pictures*

6. Cut three equal strips about 2 inches into each strap. Stretch the strips out. Do this to both sides of the shirt.

7. Tie a long strip of material from the hem to each strip on the shirt, see below. Try to make it even. 

7. Take the three strips and tie a knot with them. Make the knot right under the knots that are securing the strips of material.

8. Braid the strips and knot the ends. Repeat on the other side.
*Try the halter on and if you need to adjust where the straps are. I had to untie my straps from step 7 so I could cut the shoulder strap shorter because my knots were hidden behind my neck.*

9. Once the straps are how you want them trim any excess loose strap material at the knots if desired.
I did this shirt the night before the Baltimore concert, pics here, and it took about 45 minutes.

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