Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Upcycled doll dress from bloomers

My babies are no longer babies anymore. I've been getting rid of baby clothes left and right. It's so bittersweet. I pulled a couple of items out of the giveaway pile and made some dresses for the girls dolls. This one started out as a 6-9 month bubble, that all of the girls wore. 

This as a simple process. I basically put the bubble on the doll and decide where it needs to be taken in. The chest area, neck area and arm holes almost always have to be taken in. 
For the neck area, I just took in the front of the top. I didn't want to mess with the buttons in the back, especially since buttons make dressing the dolls easier. 
Since I didn't cut anything away I put a decorative stitch on the outside to stabilize it.
 The arm holes were too big. Again, I didn't want to cut anything away so I just sewed the hole smaller. *hides*

Then I cut off the bottoms. Hemmed it and that's it!

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